Managing finances is an essential part of both personal and business life. While many transactions are now digital, checks still play a vital role in our financial ecosystem. Walmart Checks offers a way to order pre-printed checks with your account details, but there is an even more efficient and cost-effective solution available: Zil Money. The platform allows individuals and businesses to print high-quality checks at very low cost effortlessly.

Printing Checks with Zil Money

  • Cost Savings with Zil Money

One of the main advantages of using Zil Money over Walmart Checks is the potential for cost savings. Like other third-party check providers, they charge a fee for their pre-printed checks. In contrast, the platform allows you to print checks on blank stock, which is often more affordable. In addition, by switching to the software, you can save on checks and associated shipping fees.

  • Customization and Flexibility

You are limited to their designs when you order pre-printed checks from Walmart Checks. On the other hand, Zil Money provides an elevated level of customization, allowing you to create checks that align with your personal or business branding. With the platform’s user-friendly software, you can easily add your logo and company details and choose your preferred font and colors. This customization not only gives your checks a professional appearance but also helps to reinforce your brand identity.

  • Print Checks On-Demand

With Walmart Checks, you need to anticipate when you will run out of checks and order them in advance. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you run out unexpectedly. eliminates this issue by allowing you to print checks on demand. If you have blank check stock and a compatible printer, you can print as many or as few checks as you need whenever you need them. This on-demand printing capability ensures you will always have checks.

  • Enhanced Security Features

When it comes to financial transactions, security is paramount. While Walmart Checks offers some security features, takes it further. With the software, you can use high-quality blank check stock, often including advanced security features such as watermarks, micro-printing, and chemical-sensitive paper.

  • Streamlined Financial Management check-printing software includes built-in tools for managing your finances, making it a comprehensive solution for personal and business users. With the platform, you can easily track and categorize your financial transactions, simplifying reconciling your accounts and preparing for tax season. In comparison, Walmart Checks only provides pre-printed checks, leaving you to manage your finances separately.

  • Environmentally Friendly Option

You are making a more environmentally friendly decision by choosing over Walmart Checks. Pre-printed checks often come with excess packaging and require shipping, which generates additional waste. With the platform, you can print checks as needed, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Ideal for Both Personal and Business Use

 Check-printing software is suitable for personal and business use, making it a versatile alternative to Walmart Checks. Whether managing your household finances or running a small business, the platform can help you save time and money and streamline your financial processes.


In conclusion, Zil Money offers a more convenient, cost-effective, and customizable solution for check printing than Walmart Checks. By choosing the platform, you can enjoy the benefits of printing checks on-demand, excellent customization options, enhanced security features, and streamlined fiscal management. Furthermore, the software is an environmentally friendly option catering to personal and business users. So, the next time you run low on checks, consider switching to the software instead of ordering pre-printed checks from there or other third-party providers.

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