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Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Full Technological Stack

Through Zil Money developers can offer users a whole payment and banking services. The platform handles the technical support in the background to help you promote your brand.

How to Integrate- Video Tutorial

Payment App for Developers

Developers can access the Zil Money app on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device by downloading it from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.


Check Printing

Check Printing

Developers can let users print checks instantly online using a printer on blank check stock papers or white papers from their office or home.

Bill Pay

Brand your Check

Developers can enable users to personalize checks using Zil Money’s drag-and-drop tool and check templates (business, personal, payroll, and premium).

Wire Transfers

Check Mailing

Developers can enable users to mail physical checks to their payees through USPS/FedEx on the same business day in the USA and Canada.

Making a Check by Mail with a Hand Holding a Phone


Zil Money provides eCheck, enabling users to send money via email. Recipients can easily print the PDF format eCheck and use it just like a regular check.

Digital Checks

Digital Check

Zil Money offers a digital payment option, enabling users to send money electronically.

ACH Payment

Check Draft

Zil Money lets you print a bank draft without the payer’s signature, deposit it, and collect the amount. The platform also provides a recurring check draft service.

Wire Transfers

Positive Pay

Positive Pay feature allows users to alert their banks about issued checks beforehand. This ensures that only pre-reported checks are approved, preventing fraudulent payments.


Check Printing

Pay by Credit Card

Make credit card payments, even if the payee doesn’t accept them. Payer can choose how to pay the recipient, such as checks, ACH, virtual card, or wire transfers.

Bill Pay

Payroll by Credit Card

Enhance users’ cash flow using Zil Money’s payroll by credit card feature, providing financial flexibility and the opportunity to earn reward points on transactions.

Wire Transfers

Virtual Card

Developers can provide users with virtual cards, such as gift cards and employee expense cards, using Zil Money’s cloud banking service.

Various Payment Modes

ACH Payment


Zil Money provides fast ACH services for same-day money transfers. The platform also allows for both one-time and recurring ACH transfers at low fees.

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer

Zil Money enables developers to make domestic wire transfers for users. Also, the platform’s cloud banking service supports international wire transfers.

Payment Link

Payment Link

Developers can enable users to easily request payments from others by sending personalized payment links at zero cost.

Making a Check by Mail with a Hand Holding a Phone


Provides a wallet feature that can be funded through ACH and wire transfers. Users can send money from the wallet using ACH, wire, virtual card, or printing and mailing checks.

Digital Checks

Bank Account

Users can send money from their bank accounts to payees using checks, ACH, wire transfers, and virtual cards.

ACH Payment

QR Code

Developers can enable users to make payments by scanning QR codes through Zil Money’s cloud banking service.

ACH Payment

Bulk Payment

Developers can allow users to make payments to multiple payees simultaneously from bank accounts, wallets, and credit cards through wire, checks, virtual cards, and ACH.

Business Tools

ACH Payment

Line of Credit

Zil Money provides the Line of Credit feature, enabling developers to allow users to borrow or lend funds within the specified credit limit.

Wire Transfers

Deposit Slip

Developers can let users create and print deposit slips, and they can verify the chosen deposit slip by submitting a verification request using Zil Money if needed.

Payment Link

Cash Expense

Developers can use Zil Money’s cash expense tool to record and monitor expenses.

Making a Check by Mail with a Hand Holding a Phone


Zil Money’s payroll tool improves payroll management efficiency.

Digital Checks

Process Card

Zil Money offers a card swipe machine through its Process Card feature upon user request.

ACH Payment

E-mail Writer

Developers can generate high-quality AI-created email content within seconds using Zil Money.

ACH Payment

Knowledge Base

Zil Money enables developers to allow users to create and publish articles using the tool.

ACH Payment

Shipping Label

Developers can enable users to create shipping labels using this tool effortlessly.

Digital Checks

Bank Data

Developers can utilize the Bank Data tool to monitor transactions from linked bank accounts, categorize and manage them, and serve as an expense management tool.

ACH Payment

Mail Document

With the Mail Document tool, developers can enable users to upload and send documents by mail.

ACH Payment

File Share

Developers can enable users to easily and securely share their documents through Zil Money’s File Share tool.

A Group of People on a Computer with a TriNet Payroll Laptop and Money.


Zil Money lets developers integrate an invoice feature for users to create and share invoices easily via email or SMS.


Developers can use Zil Money’s API to enable users to connect with third-party applications seamlessly. The platform is linked to diverse systems like payroll, accounting, finance, ticketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing, and application tracking system (ATS) platforms.

A Group of People on a Computer with a TriNet Payroll Laptop and Money.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Benefits of API

APIs offer benefits such as enhanced interoperability (compatibility between different systems), smooth communication between software applications, increased scalability (capacity to handle growing demands), improved efficiency in data exchange, and the support of third-party integrations. With the API of ZilMoney.com, developers can create services and features for their brand without starting from the beginning.

How does API integration work?

API integration enables communication between different software systems by seamlessly exchanging and utilizing each other's data and functionalities. With ZilMoney.com's API, businesses can use the platform's knowledge and resources to offer new products or services without starting from scratch.

What are the benefits of white labeling?

White labeling provides benefits like quicker time-to-market, cost savings on product development, and opportunities for companies to broaden their product range without developing everything in-house. Through ZilMoney.com, businesses can take advantage of this white-labeling service.

API vs Web Service

An API is a set of rules and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other, enabling them to access and exchange data. On the other hand, a web service is a specific type of API that operates over the web using standardized protocols such as HTTP, often facilitating communication between different systems or applications over a network.
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