Ach Payment

The process of transferring the cash automatically to a specified account on a pre-determined date is called Ach Payment. It means the cash is transferred automatically to an account. A monthly or a weekly payment that has been done on a specific interval is called automated payments. Zil Money helps the user to carry out automated payments in an easy way. Now you can say goodbye to all sorts of delayed payments and check payments using Zil Money. One interesting thing is that the entire process of Ach Payment does not incur any expense and is free of cost. It helps in the complete management of the money in the account.

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Ach Payment Creation

The creation of Ach Payment is made easy by using Zil Money. Checks can be created and designed by downloading the business logo and business name on the check using Zil Money. The created checks can be either sent as mail to the receiver or taken check prints. It is better to use blank check stock to take printouts as it makes the entire process inexpensive. As the checks carry a business’s identity, it is important to design your checks these days using Zil Money. For these types of Ach Payments, the designed checks have to be entered with data like account number, check number, routing number, and other bank details.

Zil Money helps you to use the check templates again and again for recurring types of payments. These check templates are saved and can be edited regarding the amount and the date for further payments.

Ach Payment Creation

Feature AP/AR

Check Printing

Instantly create and print yourself on any printer. Drag & Drop Design


Send ACH/RTP in one click. Get paid by ACH. Make it one time/recurring

Email Check

No Printer/Paper? Email a One-time printable & trackable PDF Check.

Digital Checks

Convert paper checks to paperless Digital Checks & send to email/Text.

Check Mailing

One-Click Check mailing for $1. by USPS without leaving your desk on same B-Day.


Deposit Slips

Instantly create & print deposit slip of any Bank. Keep track & auto reconcile it


Get Paid Button/Link

Get paid by Button/HTML form on your site or Link to text or email. Single/Reccuring

Bank Data

Connect & reconcile, Rename, Categorize from Any Fina-Institution automatically

Bill Pay / Vendor

Pay Bills Online, Schedule it, Manage suppliers Smart, and reduce risk.

Invoicing / Credit Memo

Professional invoicing, email with payment link, track & manage . Apply credit memo

User / Approver

Role-Based user and approval process. Accountant/Client access. 

API / White Label

Interactive developer friendly API. Complete white label solution. 

Positive Pay

Integrates Bank and effectively blocks 100% Unauthorized or Forged checks

Cash Entry & More

Cash Exp Entry, Central report & Many more Fin-Tools for Small Businesses

No Need For Ach Payments Fee

No Need For Ach Payments Fee

The only thing that the customer has to do is to switch to eChecks for Ach Payments. There are automated approval methods with Zil Money, which will make the entire job easy. You can send and receive checks through email as a part of the Ach Payment. Another method is that the checks created using Zil Money cloud-based software can be sent to the receiver by mail, and the payee can take a printout of the check and cash it in an easy method. Using Zil Money, the customer can open a one-time payment option as recurring, and thus, all sorts of payments can be made.