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ACH is the U.S financial network used for electronic payments and money transfers. Experience quick ACH payments on Zil Money – an official member of NACHA, which regulates ACH payments. Set up one-time or recurring ACH payments to easily make vendor/supplier payments with a single click.

Pay and get paid by Automated Clearing House, Wire transfer, printable checks, and checks by mail with a low transaction fee. Automate payments in one platform; Zil Money offers military-grade security for all your money transfers.



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What Does ACH Stand For?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and is the U.S financial network used to make electronic payments and money transfers. Using Automated Clearing House, you can make direct deposits and direct payments from one account to another.

Your One-Stop Accounting Solution

Your One-Stop Accounting Solution

Zil Money is the one-stop accounting solution for any size business to manage finances, including vendor payments, bills, and payrolls.

Why Businesses Choose ACH

More businesses, including small and medium-sized ones, are switching to Automated Clearing House payments because of the significant benefits it offers compared to the more traditional payment methods.

Why Businesses Choose ACH


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ACH?

ACH is the U.S financial network used to transfer money electronically and make direct payments. Zil Money offers same-day Automated Clearing House transfers at a low transaction fee.

What is ACH payment?

ACH payments are electronic bank to bank payments and are used to transfer money electronically. It is a U.S based financial network to make direct deposits without going through card-to-card transactions or wire transfers. Zil Money offers lightning-fast Automated Clearing House payment on its payment platform at minimal transaction fees.

What does ACH stand for?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a financial network used to electronically transfer money from one bank to another bank. Make Automated Clearing House payments on Zil Money’s cloud-based accounting platform.

ACH and Wire Transfer

The main difference between Automated Clearing House and Wire transfer is processing time and fees. While most Automated Clearing House transfers usually take 2-3 business days to process banks can process wire transfers on the same day. Wire transfers have transaction fees that vary depending on domestic or international transfers.


EFT describes any electronic transfer of funds and covers all electronic payments. That makes Automated Clearing House payments a type of EFT payment. Despite their similarities, Automated Clearing House specifically refers to payments sent via the Automated Clearing House Network.




Vendor Management: Bill Pay, One Click Check Mailing, Invoicing, Positive Pay, User/Ap Use the application on your desired platforms. Positive Pay, User/Ap, Use the application on your desired platforms.

I had to be very cautious in a disputing situation when the check hasn’t arrived and goes to the bank, digging through all my paperwork.

Frank Czar


Zil Money has made my life easy. Now I can print all the checks on Blank Check Paper and export from my QuickBooks as well. 

Bimal Daftari


I always have to give checks ahead in many situations. Now it’s so easy to keep up. Same way making deposit slips on demand also very easy.

Travis Copeland


I was confused of managing multiple companies as an accountant. I found Zil money then and now everything is just easy.

William Andrews


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