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Digital Checks from Zil Money possess many advantages for a professional. It helps create Digital Checks that are very cheaper and does not need any check printing papers to print. There will be no transactional fee involved with our Digital Checks. Digital Checks from Zil Money completely help the business by saving printing, mailing, and handling expenses. Make your payments faster and also receive the payments from your customers within seconds. No transaction fee is involved, unlike card-based payments. It is much more secured and highly reliable. Digital Checks from Zil Money are trusted by many as they do not involve any additional fee. No worries regarding the lost and stolen checks in the future. You can print logos and business names on the check and send the check as a digital check to the payee.

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Why Digital Checks From Zil Money?

Digital Checks from Zil Money help cut down transaction costs and help the customer pay and get paid without any delay. No check printing papers are required, and no more waiting. As there is no special paper and no special ink required as no check printing is there, the customer can save a lot of money. The process is very simple. Create and design checks using Zil Money or select from several pre-made check templates and create checks. Make your checks more customized by downloading the business logo and business name on the checks. After the creation of the checks, send the checks by mail to the payee. The payee can take a print of these checks and can cash them. It is less time-consuming and no extra time incurred.

Why Digital Checks From Zil Money
Digital Checks Over Credit Card Transactions

Digital Checks Over Credit Card Transactions

The number of people in the United States who depend on card-based payments is becoming less nowadays because of two main reasons. Credit cards incur transaction fees, and as the number of transactions increases, the transaction fee also increases. However, the payments using Zil Money checks are free and instant. Another merit is that as credit cards nowadays face many issues regarding the security factor, there will be no data loss in the case of Zil Money digital check. It is quite economical, and hence the users could be saving out using Zil Money checks. As no special paper and no ink are required for Zil Money digital check, it is quite economical. No extra fee is there for the check templates we provide. Get multilevel security for your checks.

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