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Embedded and API-Driven Payment Solutions

Zil Money makes it easy to pay and get paid the way you want, offering flexibility to automate your finances – all from a single platform.

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.


Pay Your Vendor with Credit Card

Seamlessly pay vendor with our cutting-edge credit card solution

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Meet Your Payment Management Needs Effortlessly

Zil Money understands expanding businesses’ challenges of constantly dealing with many priorities and daily intricacies. Born out of a desire to simplify and expedite financial management, Zil Money was developed to make it more efficient and scalable than ever.

Users can commence their journey by using to pay vendors, suppliers, and employees according to their preferences. Alternatively, they can harness the platform’s full potential by creating a account. Regardless of the chosen approach, Zil Money warmly welcomes all new users.

We're on a Mission to Meet the Payment Management Needs of Every Business Owner


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Elevate Your Payment Management with Zil Money

Elevate Your Payment Management with Zil Money

The end-to-end payment management solution for businesses of all sizes, makes it easy to pay and get paid. Pay by credit card (even when the vendor doesn’t accept them), check, ACH, wire, and more in a user-friendly way that syncs with your accounting and payroll platforms.

Elevate Your Payment Management with Zil Money

Seamless payments for your business financial needs. Pair with to save time and enjoy free transactions and cheaper credit card processing fees. Digital wallets, virtual payments, and full integrations are just the beginning.

Features at Your Fingertips

From accounts payable and receivable functionalities to comprehensive online payment and beneficial integrations, Zil Money can meet the payment management requirements of all types of businesses.

Check Printing

Check Printing

Drag and drop to instantly create checks & print using any printer.

Pay By Credit Card

Pay By Credit Card

Use credit cards even when your vendors don't accept them.

ACH Payment

ACH Payment

Make one-time or recurring ACH/RTP payments in one click.

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Send money electronically from one financial institution to another.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Pay & schedule bills online, managing supplier payments & reducing risk.

Digital Checks

Digital Checks

Digitize your paper checks and make your payments via email or text.

Software Integration

Software Integrations

Integrate Zil Money with your accounting and payroll software.


Cloud Bank

Open an online checking account with Streamline payment management & save.

Payment Link

Payment Link

Create and send a secure URL for customers to make online payments easily.

Elevate Your Payment Experience with Seamless Embedded Solutions

Businesses can experience seamless transactions and convenient payment journeys with tailored solutions through Zil Money’s API. Enhance your business with the top fintech B2B payment platform offering a full range of payment services. Let us handle technical support, effortlessly empowering your brand.

Modern Interface Displaying Integrated Payment Options

Trusted by Businesses of All Sizes

Zil Money is proud to support the businesses powering the economy, providing jobs, and supporting communities.

Manage Your Business On-The-Go with Mobile App is a simple and secure way to process ACH/direct deposits or RTP. Pay or get paid by printable checks and eChecks on the all-in-one platform at low transaction fees. Getting started with the app is easy, with all the web features and functions available. So you can still run your business with a truly mobile experience.

Pay and Get Paid Anytime, Anywhere

Your Personalized Gateway to Seamless Payments

Download mobile app and get access to all features and services for all your payment needs. The mobile app is a convenient, secure, and safe mobile payment application designed for users who are always managing their finances on the go. Getting started with the app lets you access your bank accounts securely from the convenience of your phone.

I use Zil Money primarily for tracking expenses, printing and mailing checks from multiple checking accounts. I've been using the tool for several years and it works great. I'm able to download a CSV at the end of the year for my accountant and maintain documentation for scanned invoices and bills and even categorize my expenses. The support team has been very responsive the few times I've had issues.

Erik J

We have been using Zil, particularly their OnlineCheckWriter platform, for over 3 years now. It's super easy for anyone to use and the direct integration with QuickBooks makes it a breeze to keep our accounting organized. I've only needed customer support twice in the last few years and both times I had a live person on the phone assisting me within minutes.

Desi R

I enjoy using Zil Money for 3 key reasons. Record keeping, as it keeps a database of the checks each unique user has loaded. Being able to navigate and cut checks from different bank accounts. Pulling up the 1099s at the end of the year for vendors and ensuring all of the checks we cut to them can be easily accessed and a number is given.

Alonso N

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