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Walmart Checks services offer you pre-printed check designs with your account details. Why order pre-printed checks from third parties? There is no need to order pre-printed checks next time you run out of checks. Instead, create and print personal or business checks online on-demand using Zil Money. Get some blank stock papers from your nearest office supply store and start printing checks independently on your printer.

Pay and get paid by printable checks, eChecks, and process ACH and RTP using the platform without transaction fees. Also, send checks by mail using our $1.25 check mailing services with a single click.

Walmart Checks


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Why Zil Money?

Printing your checks massively from third parties can cost you significant money and time. On the other hand, with Zil Money, you can print unlimited checks instantly. Moreover, Walmart checks ordering online will reduce the possibility of editing and customizing your checks. On the other hand, you can customize your checks by adding a business logo, font styles, and background in your check by our Drag-and-Drop design. In addition, you can record each transaction and make one-time or recurring payments on our cloud-based check printing software.

Why Zil Money?
Highly Protected Platform

Highly Protected Platform

Zil Money is integrated with 22000+ banks and other financial institutions in the USA and Canada. It helps to detect fraudulent checks while supporting multiple banks and multiple check formats. Moreover, advanced cloud-based technology enables clients to effectively store checks on their cloud server. On the other side, Walmart checks will cost you extra dollars for the security of checks provided by CheckSafe.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will walmart cash personal checks?

Yes, Walmart does cash pre-printed personal checks. There is a checking maximum of $5000 for personal checks at Walmart. Instead, using Zil Money you can print checks online using blank stock papers with any regular printer at your office or home.

How much does it cost to get a cashier’s check from walmart?

High-security checks from Walmart start at $17.96 for a basic pack of 150 checks. Using ZIl Money drag and drop design it is now easy to print checks. All you need is a blank check stock paper and a regular printer.

Walmart Checks vs Chase Checks

Walmart cashes high-security checks starting from $18.46 for a basic pack of 150 checks, whereas Chase checks cash checks at $18.95 for a pack of 100 checks. Using Zil Money you can now print checks on blank check paper on any printer at your office or home




Vendor Management: Bill Pay, One Click Check Mailing, Invoicing, Positive Pay, User/Ap Use the application on your desired platforms. Positive Pay, User/Ap, Use the application on your desired platforms.

I had to be very cautious in a disputing situation when the check hasn’t arrived and goes to the bank, digging through all my paperwork.

Frank Czar


Zil Money has made my life easy. Now I can print all the checks on Blank Check Paper and export from my QuickBooks as well. 

Bimal Daftari


I always have to give checks ahead in many situations. Now it’s so easy to keep up. Same way making deposit slips on demand also very easy.

Travis Copeland


I was confused of managing multiple companies as an accountant. I found Zil money then and now everything is just easy.

William Andrews


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