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Jan 12, 2023 | Check Printing

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Businesses must be very mindful of their spending, so they often look for ways to save money wherever possible. Here is a great way for you to save money, if you are ordering personalized checks, then you are wasting money by doing so. Design your checks and print them online for a low cost, don’t spend any extra money personalizing your check. Keep reading to learn how to get your personalized checks as efficiently as possible without wasting money.

Ordering or Printing, Which is Better?

A check company or bank typically takes two or three business days to ship an order of checks, sometimes even more. In short, it’s a costly and time-consuming process. Do you want to get your check instantly? Then print them yourself. This is the best alternative to ordering checks. Ordering pre-printed checks is an expensive process. Printing checks at home or office can help you save time and money. But if you order personalized checks, then the cost will even go higher while ordering checks, and even if you pay a hefty price for your personalized checks, you will only get some customization options from your banks, even if you have to make any more changes, you first need to use all your ordered personalized checks or destroy them if you want to make changes to the design of your check. All this could be solved if you use our platform, Zil Money, for designing, writing, and printing your own checks instantly on demand. You can change the design whenever you want without spending any extra penny using our platform’s drag-and-drop design tool.

Preprinted Check Security Concerns

It’s risky to order pre-printed business checks online because those checks already contain your bank account and routing number. In other words, if someone else gets their hands on your checkbook, they can easily see all of your personal data. Consequently, you should cease having a bank or other third party issue your checks. The absence of personal information on blank check stock makes it a safer payment option than using pre-printed checks. With Zil Money, you can print checks on plain white paper or blank stock paper using virtually any printer.

How Easy is to Design Your Own Personal Checks

There is usually a hefty fee involved if you want your bank to print your logo or a personal image on your checks, and they only offer a limited selection of designs to begin with. If you need help designing a logo and check layout for your business, check out the options provided by Zil Money.

Custom Checks

The expression “custom check” can mean different things to different people. Some people do this by adding their own company or personal information before the check number. Others define “custom business checks” as those that feature a unique backdrop image or a company logo. In some cases, businesses will print out one-of-a-kind checks for each account.

Benefits of Using Personalized Checks

It gives your business a sense of professionalism.

No matter how small a company is, it should always seek to appear as professional as possible. Using personalized checks can help your company appear more professional. Your check’s personalized design will also serve as a marketing tool in the hands of your customers and business associates.

Business checks don’t have processing charges.

Personalized business checks can help your company save money on vendor costs, which can encourage other businesses to do more business with you. Furthermore, because the checks are personalized, they show your customers that you care about them; you use checks to help them save money on transactions.

Customized checks provide consistency and Authenticity.

Incorporating your logo will still increase brand recognition; however, to strengthen brand recognition, your content should be consistent in everywhere. As a result, even though a business check is not technically “content,” including your logo will boost brand recognition. Keep in mind that these checks will be seen by more than just the payee. They will most likely pass through the hands of other people before being deposited. This is an automatic recommendation for your company.

A customized check establishes trust.

Consistency in branding and marketing shows potential customers that you’re not just another company looking to cash in on the trend. This shows that you care about doing things right, earning respect as a result. Including the company logo and other options for personalization on the check is a show of commitment on your part. Faith is the reward for steadfastness. Brands succeed when consumers have faith in them.

Zil Money allows you to have creative control over your checks, you can design your personalized checks without wasting any of your time by allowing you to design and print your own checks. Our platform has many other features besides check designing, and printing. All in all, our platform is a finance management tool for all your purposes, making it a strong tool for improving your business and personal finances.

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