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Make a switch from Checks Online Order to printing checks on Blank Check Stock and save 80% on the expense using Zil Money. Printing checks on Blank Check Stock will help the user to eliminate a major chunk of the expense regarding storing, purchasing, and tracking pre-printed check stock. It is really easy to Print Checks on Blank Check Stock. You can use a laser printer or an inkjet printer for the same. Create unlimited checks at any time of any bank and also print them at a very less cost. Instead of printing the checks, you can also make Digital Checks from Zil Money. The checks are sent to the payee, and the payee can take check prints whenever required and can cash them accordingly.

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Less Security With Pre-Printed Checks

While placing Checks Online Order keep in mind the security factor. Pre-Printed Checks always carry banking data items always on the checks. However, a blank check paper does not carry any sort of data. Pre-Printed Checks have to be kept under big security that anyone can make use of that checks in the wrong way. Zil Money provides options to save costs by providing blank checks printing options and is quite inexpensive compared to check online orders.

A business entity spends around $100 to buy a case of Pre-Printed Checks, and above this, another $15 is spent on paper waste and errors. If $18 is spent for securing and distributing the checks and the total comes to around $133. However, just buy one case of blank checks for $18 and Print Checks on them using Zil Money software, and the cost comes around $23, including all the charges. Thus you can save 80% on the checks printing charge by printing checks on Blank Check Stocks using Zil Money instead of going for Checks Online Order.

Less Security With Pre-Printed Checks
Create Unlimited Checks On Demand

Create Unlimited Checks On Demand

If you are a frequent checks writer, there will be a huge demand for checks to write, and a shortage in checks may cost you more. Now print unlimited checks at any time, anywhere using Zil Money, and there will be no check shortage for you in the future. Instead, going for Checks Online Order will take many days to receive the checks, and hence the business will be delayed.

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