The use of checks is very common in the United States of America. How to Write a Check is a basic, yet important question people ask. We should know how to write a check since it is an important skill. Creating a check involves many steps, including designing the layout and writing your account number. Several companies provide check-writer software. If you want to create and print checks at a lower cost, you can purchase these services on a subscription basis. Zil Money helps you to create and print checks since they provide software that allows you to write checks and customize them to look professional.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Writing a Check

Always ensure that you have sufficient funds before writing a check. If you don’t, your payments may bounce and create repercussions, including hefty fees and potential legal issues. You should write the payment amount in both words and numbers on the payment slip and carefully fill out other fields such as the data line, the signature, and the memo line. Keeping track of the details in a check register can provide more information than you will find on your bank statement, such as who you paid and for what purpose.

How to Write a Check?

We must carefully fill out the Date Field, Payee Field, Numeric Amount box, Amount Line, Memo line, and Signature while writing a check.

Date Field: You can write the date near the top right-hand corner in the date field. It helps you and the recipient to keep accurate records of the date.

Payee Field: The line “Pay to the order of” should be filled out with the name of the person or organization to whom you send the payment; this information needs to be accurate.

Numeric amount box: You must enter your payment amount in the small box on the right side.

Amount Line: To avoid fraud and confusion, it is important to write the amount in words. This amount will be considered the official amount of your payment. If it differs from the numeric form, you entered previously, the amount you wrote with words will be regarded as the actual amount. Use capital letters since it is harder to alter them.

Memo line: Banks will not process your check differently if you skip this step. You can add a reminder about why you wrote the check in the memo line. This is also where your payee writes information that will be used to process your payment or locate your account if anything goes missing.

Signature: Make sure the bottom-right corner of the check is legible. Ensure your name and signature are the same as those on file with your bank. A check will not be valid without a signature.


Writing a check is easier than it may seem. Knowing how to write a check is important since it is still a common form of payment in the United States. Checks must be filled out correctly to avoid legal issues. Always keep track of your account balance before signing the check. Zil Money can help you write and print customized checks at a lower cost. By following the steps outlined, you can ensure that your check is correctly filled out and that there are no mistakes!

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