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How To Write A Check

How To Write A Check economically with check writer software? It is possible to create and print checks using Zil Money. Purchase blank check stock or plain white paper and print checks on it using any printer. Eliminate manual check writing by editing checks and creating checks that are error-free. You can also get attractive check templates and write checks using them.


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How To Fill out a Check?

Date Field

Step 1: Date Field

Write the date on the upper-hand corner of the check. It will help you and your recipient to keep an accurate record of it.

Step 2: Pay To Line

Fill outline that says “Pay to the order of,” and write the name of the person or organization you are paying. In this case, if you don’t know the exact name of the person or organization, you can also write “cash.” However, this can be risky if the check is lost or stolen. Anyone can cash or deposit a check made out to “cash.”

Pay To Line
Amount Box

Step 3: Amount Box

Write the amount numerically in the small box on the right-hand side. Start as far over to the left as possible to keep someone from sneaking a number upfront. For instance, If your payment is for $100.15, then the ‘1’ should be right up against the left-hand border of the dollar box to prevent fraud.

Step 4: Amount Line

Spell up the numbers and write the cents as a fraction. Write out the amounts using words to avoid fraud and confusion. The amount you write in words will legally be the number of your checks. Also, use all capital letters, which are harder to alter. Finally, draw a line after the amount to fill up the rest of the space to keep someone adding text.

For example, to spell up $100.15 as ‘ONE HUNDRED AND 15/100.’

Amount Line
Memo Line

Step 5: Memo Line

Fill out the line that says “Memo” with a note. This step is optional and will not affect how businesses process your checks. A memo line is a good place to add a reminder about why you wrote a check. Also, it can be good to know in the future or for your tax records, like giving to a charity.

Step 6: Signature

This step is essential, and the check will not be valid without a signature. Sign the check legibly on the line in the bottom right corner. Significantly, use the same name and signature that you have on the file at your bank.



Check Printing

Check Printing

Instantly create and print yourself on any printer. Drag & Drop Design



Send ACH/RTP in one click. Get paid by ACH. Make it one time/recurring

Email Check

Email Check

No Printer/Paper? Email a One-time printable & trackable PDF Check.

Digital Check

Digital Checks

Convert paper checks to paperless Digital Checks & send to email/Text.

Check Mailing

Check Mailing

One-Click Check mailing for $1.25 by USPS without leaving your desk.

Deposit Slips

Deposit Slips

Instantly create & print deposit slip of any Bank. Keep track & auto reconcile it

Get Paid Button

Get Paid Button/Link

Get paid by Button/HTML form on your site or Link to text or email.

Bank Data

Bank Data

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Bill Pay/Vendor

Bill Pay / Vendor

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Professional invoicing, email with payment link, track & manage.

User Approver

User / Approver

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API / White Label

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Create Digital Checks With Zil Money

Create and design checks using your business logo and business name on it. Create a check by entering all the banking details, such as the account and routing numbers. Send checks by mail to the payee instead of taking check prints. The receiver of the checks can take check prints and cash them accordingly.

How to Pay Your Bill?


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to create a check online?

Create a check online by completing the date, payee, or business name, the amount written in, and the numerical amount filled in and sign at the bottom right-hand corner of the check. A memo field is optional for your records. With Zil Money, you can effortlessly write a check online.

Can you create a check online?

Yes, you can write a check online using Zil Money. Write a check online by completing the date, payee, or business name, amount written in, and the numerical amount filled in and sign at the bottom right-hand corner of the check.

How to write a void check?

It is a simple process: using a blue or black pen, you can write “VOID” once in front of the check in large letters. You can also write ‘void’ in small letters in all relevant fields like the amount box, dateline, payee line, and signature space. If you are using Zil Money, creating a void check is a simple process - just with a click, and any check can be marked void before printing or emailing.

Check vs Cheque

Cheques are used in the UK standard English, while checks are used in the US English spelling. Both carry the same meaning. You can create, print, and track blank or filled checks on Zil Money software.
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I had to be very cautious in a disputing situation when the check hasn’t arrived and goes to the bank, digging through all my paperwork.

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Zil Money has made my life easy. Now I can print all the checks on Blank Check Paper and export from my QuickBooks as well. 

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I always have to give checks ahead in many situations. Now it’s so easy to keep up. Same way making deposit slips on demand also very easy.

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I was confused of managing multiple companies as an accountant. I found Zil money then and now everything is just easy.

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