How To Write A Check

How To Write A Check without any errors? Manual checks are almost being replaced by online checks nowadays. While writing checks manually, there is a problem of creating more errors, and the checks will get void. However, depending on cloud-based Check Writing Software, Zil Money will help you to create checks online without any struggles. Most of the small and big business houses are using Zil Money to create checks and also integrating more accounting activities. Now create unlimited checks and print checks on blank check stock.

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Banking Details To Be Entered

There are some banking details that should be entered in order to carry out all check-based transactions. Any sort of vital information should not be missed, and it will result in a void check. The main banking details that should be entered include the bank account number, bank routing number, date, and check amount. There will be a memo column where the details of the checks will be given or the purpose for which the check is issued.

Banking Details To Be Entered


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Bank Account Number

How To Write A Check – Bank Account Number

An account number of a particular bank will be unique, and it gives the identification of a customer’s bank account. A bank account number consists of 10-12 digits, and the number of digits can vary according to different banks. The bank account number will be located at the bottom side of the checks between the bank routing number and the check number.

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How To Write A Check – Bank Routing Number

Bank routing number helps to identify the location of where the account was opened in the United States, and it is also known as the ABA number. It consists of a series of nine digits, and the routing number helps in verifying whether the bank is a federal or state-chartered institution. A bank routing number is printed at the bottom side of the check before the account number.

Bank Routing Number

How to Print a Check

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No need to struggle for printing checks now. Print your checks instantly with Online Check Writer

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 Blank Check Stock 


 Online Check Writer 
 Any Printer 

Step 1: Login to Online Check Writer

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Sign up and login to Online Check Writer. You can use your exixsting accounts or email ID to sign up.

Step 2: Add Bank Account

image showing layout planning

You can add your bank accounts manually by providing the routing number and account number or connect them instantly with the facility provided in Online Check Writer.

Step 3: Create your Check

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Now create your check by providing the necessary details like amount, payee, memo etc. You can also create blank checks.

Step 4: Click on Print

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Once the check is created, you can print it instantly with a click. You can also save it and print it later.

The check created can be used to print, send as email, physical mail or direct deposit.
Date And Amount

Date And Amount

At the top right-hand corner, the date is given, and most probably, it will be the current date. On post-dated checks, instead of the current date, the date on which the check should be taken to the bank is given. The amount of the check should be written both in digits and words in the provided columns. Zil Money provides the facility to drag and drop digital signatures at the signature area without any effort.




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