Checks By Mail

Zil Money helps you to create checks online where you don’t need to print checks. The process is very simple. Create your checks and send the checks to us. At Zil Money, we will print the checks you send over mail on premium quality check papers. After printing it, we stamp it and putting in an envelope. We will send it to you back from the post office on the same business day. The checks will be sent to the payee address on the check. We are the experts in managing Checks By Mail physically.

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Benefits Of Checks By Mail Facility From Zil Money

Checks By Mail facility from Zil Money help check mailing service as the user can mail checks from anywhere. No matter you are at your office or home or you are too busy to take printouts. You can create checks using Zil Money software and design them with your business logo and business name. After this, enter all the banking details such as bank account number, bank routing number, the memo, and other required details. The check after completing all these details is sent to us. The same check we print on high-quality check paper. After taking the Check Prints, we stuff them seal them, and will post them to you on the same business day to the payee address.

The total charge involved for the same is only $1, including postage, paper, and all other aspects.

Benefits Of Checks By Mail Facility From Zil Money
How Checks By Mail From Zil Money Is Useful For You

How Checks By Mail From Zil Money Is Useful For You?

First and foremost, the entire Checks By Mail process is profitable for the user as it helps to save money and time. While comparing the employee time involved for the same process and also the cost involved for printing the checks on check papers, it can be said that the total cost may come up to $7.8 per check. However, in the Checks By Mail facility from Zil Money, the total cost incurred is only $1. You can send checks in a highly customized form with your company logo and company name, making the checks highly customized and classy. We will not alter the designs. You can also save the Check Template for further check generation. No time delay is involved.

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