Empowering Businesses with Virtual Cards: Streamlining Payments, Enhancing Security

Jan 13, 2024 | API

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

The Virtual Card API introduces an advanced system that enables the easy generation of distinct virtual cards tailored for customers in the virtual card business. This modern functionality allows the generation of multiple cards linked to a single account, providing flexibility in managing how customers interact with virtual card services. 

Creating Unique Virtual Cards with Ease

Zil Money’s Virtual Card API introduces an advanced method for easily creating customized virtual cards to meet clients’ specific requirements. This modern feature allows businesses to generate multiple cards linked to a single account, delivering unmatched flexibility and control in shaping customer interactions with their services. Whether for online shopping, subscription-based services, or other financial transactions, companies can now present a personalized payment experience to their clients. 

Flexible Spending Controls for Enhanced Safety

The Virtual Card API lets customers set spending limits on digital cards, providing control and preventing overspending. Businesses can customize these limits based on individual profiles for a secure and responsible financial experience. It’s like having a safety net for spending, ensuring worry-free use of virtual cards.

Cancel Cards for Added Security

Understanding the need for safety in online transactions, Zil Money has introduced a useful feature – the ability to cancel virtual cards. This means that businesses can quickly do that through the API if there’s a security issue or if a card needs to be deactivated. This extra protection layer helps keep customers and the business safe during digital transactions. 

The Virtual Card API presents a revolutionary solution for businesses aiming to enhance their payment experience. This API simplifies the creation of unique virtual cards, enables flexible spending controls, and ensures added security through card cancellations. Offering a comprehensive solution, it allows businesses to stay ahead in the realm of digital transactions and transform their payment experiences. The Virtual Card API allows businesses to integrate with existing financial systems, enhancing payment processes and adapting to the dynamic landscape of modern commerce.

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