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Jun 22, 2022 | Check Printing

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Achieving business success is not easy; it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and focus. Focusing on your business means that you have to get rid of the tedious tasks and allow your time to be used for more important things. Zil Money is an all-in-one payment platform and accounts payable solution designed for SMEs, it automates payments from start to finish.

Why Businesses Should Prefer Printing Over Ordering Cheap Checks?

Ordering cheap checks is a time-consuming and expensive process, the time and money that you should focus on your business, if you run a business, you know how much problems it has caused you, while waiting for the ordered checks to come. Now you don’t need to worry about all this with the advanced cloud-based software provided by Zil Money will let you print unlimited checks with a lesser cost and instantly in your hand. The business doesn’t have to order checks bulkily now they can print on demand. Print checks instantly online using a regular printer at home or in the office using the internet.

Thanks to the Check 21 Act, customers can now create and print checks using any printer and some blank check stock or plain white paper easily, they can also be printed on white paper. Pre-printed checks cannot be changed. But with the online platform, they can change their checks design whenever they want by using the drag-and-drop design tool provided by the platform and can add business logos, font styles, and background images.

Benefits of printing checks:

    1. Speed – ordering checks can take a long while printing them yourself is usually quick and easy.
    2. Accuracy – ordering checks can be inaccurate, while check print always comes with a guarantee of accuracy.
    3. Security – if you order checks from a third party, there’s no way to know if they are Printing checks always ensure that the checks are genuine.
    4. Convenience – check print may be more convenient than ordering checks if you’re in a hurry.
    5. Appearance – Many believe that check print gives the impression that you’re more financially stable than if you order checks.

What Is Check Printing Software?

Check printing software helps in printing checks. They also help to design, set up, and personalize checks. Customers can fill out, print, and send physical or digital copies of checks by mail, fax, or email. It eliminates the need for a conventional checkbook and pre-printed bank checks.

How to Print a Check?

Printing checks using this platform is easy. The user-friendly platform provides all the information you need to print checks easily. The check printing tools are easy to understand and catch on quickly, even if you are new to this.

How to Print Checks in Quickbooks?

With some easy steps, you can connect QuickBooks with the platform to take advantage of its features. Import your data and other information from QuickBooks to the platform in simple steps.

Blank Check Stock Vs. Pre-Printed Check Stock

Pre-printed check stock: You can order pre-printed check stock to display the company and bank account information you need, including the business name, address, logo, and bank account MICR line.

Blank Checks: Blank Checks are printable papers that are used to create customized business and personal checks.

Using pre-printed check stock is not secure because there is a lot of information printed on the checks. Stop using pre-printed checks and use blank stock paper instead.

Save money and time by printing your checks. Ordering cheap checks from your bank or third parties can be expensive. Printing high-quality checks on blank check stock paper will be much cheaper. You can save up to 80% on check printing costs this way.

Zil Money a Trusted Partner

The platform has 1 million users, 4,000+ new customers a week, and 50,000 transactions per week. So, more and more people are using the platform and it’s still growing.

The platform is integrated with 22000+ banks and financial institutions enabling users to connect with multiple bank accounts and check formats on their platform. It helps detect fraudulent checks while supporting multiple banks and check formats.

Overall, Zil Money is an excellent platform that automates payments and helps businesses keep their records accurate. It’s a great solution for businesses who want to improve their visibility and control while saving money and time. Cheap Checks Order is not ideal, it’s an expensive and time-consuming process. Try using this online platform to print your own checks cheaply, get checks as easily as you can and print checks on demand.

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