Ordering pre-printed checks are expensive, and waiting for them is time-consuming. Checks ordered from banks cost approximately $.40 to $.60 per leaf, which adds up to a substantial amount when you are buying a whole checkbook. Zil Money offers you an easy solution to ordering pre-printed checks from banks or other third-party institutions and spending a lot of money. Zil Money offers check printing services through its subsidiary Online Check Writer, which is a cloud-based software for check printing and other services. The Check 21 Act lets a person print checks on any paper (blank check stock paper or regular paper) using any printer from the convenience of their home or office. Zil Money’s check printing software helps utilize the benefits of the Check 21 Act by providing a check printing software that lets them print checks on regular paper or check stock paper using any printer.

Apart from these services, Zil Money also offers services such as free ACH payments, eChecks, Checks by mail, and wire transfers. These services let the customer safely transact money with other customers or businesses. Zil Money offers banking services through its subsidiary company, Zil Bank, which lets customers perform free ACH transactions, direct deposits, and wire transfers. Zil Money is integrated with more than 22,000 banks making it easy to print their checks and reconcile all accounts in one place, like Zil Money is integrated with Bank of America, making it easy for Zil Money to print their business checks. Zil Money also has third-party software integrations making it easy to print their checks; for example, Zil Money is integrated with QuickBooks, an accounting software. Due to this integration, Zil Money will be able to print QuickBooks checks.

Some of the advantages of having an account with Zil Money are:

  • Print checks
  • Free ACH payment, direct deposits, and wire transfers.
  • Check drafts, eChecks, check by post
  • Integration with over 22,000 banks
  • Third-party software integration 


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