Payroll for Small Business: Enhancing Benefits for Your Enterprise

Jun 5, 2024 | Payroll

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Handling payroll efficiently is essential for successfully running any business, yet cash flow constraints can often affect timely payments to employees. The cloud-based platform’s payroll for small business through credit card offers a modern solution to cash flow shortages impacting payroll. Payroll by credit card feature by the platform ensure timely payments to employees and overcome cash flow constraints.

Cost Savings and Rewards 

Zil Money charges an affordable credit card transaction fee. The added benefit is that the payee doesn’t have to bear any transaction costs. Additionally, making payments through credit card give you access to attractive rewards. These rewards can be in the form of travel miles, cashback etc. This improves cost-efficiency while strengthening your financial standing.

Efficient and Timely payments 

Utilizing Zil Money to fund your payroll with a credit card ensures timely fulfillment of payroll responsibilities. This prevents delays and maintains employee contentment. The platform’s payroll by credit card feature simplifies the transfer of funds directly to the company’s bank account or employer. This eliminates delays and ensure quick payment to employees.

Simplifying Payroll Operations 

Zil Money’s integration with leading payroll software enhances the payroll process. This integration improves payroll management, minimizing manual tasks and error possibilities. Additionally, the platform’s user-friendly interface ensures accessibility and convenience in handling payroll responsibilities for businesses.

Payroll by credit card feature from Zil Money offers a wide range of advantages. These include increased efficiency, cost savings, and global accessibility. The platform equips businesses with the necessary features to simplify payroll processes, improve cash flow management, and boost overall financial flexibility. The platform also provides ACH, wire transfer, printable checks, eChecks, and RTP at an affordable rate. Adopting this innovative method can greatly benefit businesses of various sizes. It ensures a smooth and efficient payroll handling while maximizing rewards and reducing costs.

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