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Oct 5, 2022 | Check Mailing

Are you tired of going to the post office to mail checks? Check mailing in Zil Money is a convenient and easy way to handle your mail and packages without ever leaving your home. This helpful feature offered in our platform makes mailing checks easy and convenient. With this convenient new feature, you’ll never have to worry about running to the post office again. You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to send your check using our online platform, and we’ll print your checks and mail to your payee.

Even In This Modern Era, Checks Are Still Popular

It might surprise you to learn that checks are not onlya common form of payment in this modern era, but it is showing no signs of slowing its dominance over other forms of payment. To put it in perspective, recent studies have shown that 29% US population writes at least one check every week. Numerous factors have led to this enormous popularity of checks

are a practical substitute for cash, credit, or debit card for making payments for goods and services. Writing a check instead of using an electronic payment method makes it easier for most of usto keep better track of our spending and finances. Whatever be the motivation, it’s obvious that checks are still widely used in the US and won’t be replaced anytime soon.

Mail Checks

It’s very safe to send a check through the US postal service. Every day, a large number of checks, including those made for online bill-paying services, are sent through the mail. Banks occasionally send those payments online, but they frequently print checks and mail them instead. It will be easier for you to mail checks with just one click using Zil Money.

Tips for Sending Checks by Mail Safely

  • Drop Off at a Secure Area
  • Track the Package
  • Limit the Check
  • Hide the Check Properly

Cheques or Checks

Both checks and cheques are spellings of the same word. Despite the fact that checks is the American English spelling and cheques are the British English spelling, they are virtually interchangeable and have the same meaning.

Check vs Bank Draft

A bank draft is a crucial payment method performed by the bank on your behalf. The bank must carry out this task on your behalf, thus you must request it. You can use your bank account to make a check payment. You tell the bank who and how much money to transfer, among other instructions. 

Mail Checks through Zil Money

Get checks quickly through the mail on that same day. You can create your checks online and send them by mail using our online service for just $1.25; we will print your checks on high-quality paper and mail them to your payee via USPS.

Create and Send your Personalized Checks

There’s no need to accept boring, generic checks when Zil Money gives you the option to print customized checks. You can customize your checks however you like by using our drag-and-drop design tool to add your business logo, preferred font style, and other relevant details. It’s not just a cosmetic change either; adding your own flair to your checks might help you stand out. Instead of buying pre-printed checks, use Zil Money to print your checks and save time and money.

Other Benefits

Additionally, customers can submit checks using eChecks, Pay and Receive ACH, and Digital Checks. Additionally, they can access Zil Banking through the platform. They can send ACH payments and eChecks as well as instantly transfer money using our services.

Users can easily write checks using our cloud-based software Zil Money. Users are not required to learn difficult procedures or comply to challenging formatting specifications. You can instantly begin writing and printing checks. Users can tailor their inspections based on their needs thanks to the software’s variety of checks and settings.

The online platform is the ideal solution for mobile enterprises because it allows printing from any computer or mobile device. Paper checks being misplaced in the mail or stolen by identity thieves are no longer a concern thanks to our platform. It is a quick, simple, and secure method of payment.

Thanks to Zil Money, mail checks are no longer expensive. We will print and send your checks for just $1.25 by a single click or tap from your devices, whether a tailored personal check or a regular check. Select the mail checks option and we’ll take care of everything else. Checks are mailed via USPS or FedEx, so you can rely on them to arrive quickly and safely. Why, then, are you still holding out? Join today to use our inexpensive check mailing service!

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