How To Fill Out A Check

How To Fill Out A Check? A check can be filled manually or using check printing software. Error-free and personalized checks can be created using our check printing software within seconds and sent digitally or through the mail. Save 80% on check printing costs with our platform.


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How To Write A Check

How To Write A Check?

Follow these steps to create high-quality checks online.

1.    Log into our platform using your registered email address and password.

2.    Go to “Checklist” and click” New” to create a check.

3.    Choose your bank account from the “Select Bank account” drop-down menu or add a new bank by clicking the + button. The check number will be generated automatically.

4.    Next, select the payee from the “Select Your Payee” drop-down menu or add a new payee by clicking the + button.

5.    Enter the amount you want to pay in the “Amount” box.

6.    Select the date from “Check Issue Date.” The check is ready.

7.    Click on “Print Check Paper” to print the check.

The checks can be sent through the mail, email as a one-time printable pdf, or as a direct deposit to your payees’ bank account.


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Check Printing Software

Check printing software is the best answer to how to fill out a check. Our check writing software eliminates manual check writing errors and creates high-quality checks saving time and money. Ordering pre-printed checks is time-consuming and relatively expensive. With the Check 21 Act, official bank checks can be printed at home or office using any printer or paper.

Create checks from scratch or choose one from our many templates. Checks can be customized according to your needs. Add logos, add background images, and change logos easily using the drag-and-drop tool. Printing checks on blank check stocks save up to 80% on check printing costs.

Check Printing Software
Why Zil Money?

Why Zil Money?

Zil Money offers a variety of online bill payment alternatives that make it easy for you to manage your finances and keep on top of your money. You can simply manage your funds and simplify the process by setting up automated payments for recurring invoices and defining a budget. Managing your funds is simple using Zil Money.

All-In-One Platform

An comprehensive solution is provided by Zil Money to meet all of your business’s needs. Our platform offers a number of useful features in addition to internet banking, including ACH payments, payroll administration, check printing and payment, and electronic check payments, among others. Zil Money is now a one-stop shop for all of your business needs thanks to these features.

All-In-One Platform


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to fill out a check?

High-quality checks can be created online with Zil Money by following these steps.
1. Enter your registered email and password to access our platform.
2. Go to "Checklist" and click" New" to create a check.
3. Choose your bank account from the "Select Bank account" drop-down menu or add a new bank by clicking +.
4. Pick a payee from the "Choose Your Payee" drop-down menu or add one by clicking the + button.
5. Enter your amount in the "Amount" box.
6. Choose the date from "Check Issue Date."
7. Click "Print Check Paper" to print the check.

Can I print my own checks?

Yes. You can print your own checks at home or office using any printer with the check printing software from Zil Money.

Is printing checks at home legal?

Yes. Check printing at home is completely legal, thanks to the Check 21 Act. Print personalized checks with Zil Money.

Blank Check Stock vs Pre-Printed Checks

Blank check stocks do not have any information printed on them. Therefore, those who purchased it must print all necessary information on blank check stock. Pre-printed checks are those in which bank information is already printed. Print high-quality checks on blank check stocks with Zil Money.
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I had to be very cautious in a disputing situation when the check hasn’t arrived and goes to the bank, digging through all my paperwork.

Frank Czar


Zil Money has made my life easy. Now I can print all the checks on Blank Check Paper and export from my QuickBooks as well. 

Bimal Daftari


I always have to give checks ahead in many situations. Now it’s so easy to keep up. Same way making deposit slips on demand also very easy.

Travis Copeland


I was confused of managing multiple companies as an accountant. I found Zil money then and now everything is just easy.

William Andrews


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