Excel Invoice Template

Excel Invoice Template is no more a business necessity. Using the cloud-based platform, you can effortlessly create and send professional-looking invoices to your payees. Utilize the platform’s customizable templates, and add your company’s logo or change the color schemes to create them your own. Use the platform to keep track of all your invoices and payments and to receive notifications when your bills are paid.

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Integrations with Banks and Accounting Software

Integrations with Banks and Accounting Software 

Zil Money is integrated with Zoho, QuickBooks, and Gusto accounting software. You can import invoices from these accounting software to Zil Money. Additionally, the integration with 22000+ banks and financial institutions enables you to connect to multiple bank accounts. 

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Invoice Management – A Complete Payment and Receivables Solution 

Automate your business invoice processing with Zil Money, without Excel Invoice Template, and expand your business growth. Combine all your accounting, receivables, and payables integrations into a single platform and streamline your finances. 

Invoice Management - A Complete Payment and Receivables Solution
Invoice and Bill

Invoice and Bill

Businesses may produce and manage invoices and bills straight from Zil Money, simplifying payment and cash flow management. Zil Money’s invoicing tool allows businesses to email branded invoices to clients. Zil Money allows customers to pay invoices with credit cards, ACH transfers, and other electronic methods.

Zil Money’s billing function simplifies vendor and supplier billing for enterprises. Zil Money helps companies avoid late penalties by setting up regular invoices, scheduling payments, and tracking payment history.


Zil Money’s E-Invoicing tool lets businesses make and submit invoices online, saving time and paper. Businesses may enhance branding, customer experience, and carbon footprint by creating professional-looking invoices.

Businesses may email or send invoices to clients with Zil Money’s E-Invoicing tool. Customers can pay the invoice using credit cards, ACH transfers, or other means.



Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a payment requesting document that businesses provide to their customers. The invoice contains the amount of the goods or services availed. Sign up with Zil Money to send invoices easily.

How to make an invoice?

Sign up with Zil Money to create and send invoices instantly and send to your customers via SMS/email. Reduce financial strain by availing the tools provided by Zil Money.

What is invoice management?

Zil Money’s invoice management allows businesses to easily create and send branded payment requests and collect them digitally.

Invoice and Accounting Software

Invoice software is specifically designed for creating and manage invoices, which are documents that request payment for products or services given. Accounting software, on the other hand, is more comprehensive tool that incorporates functions like expense monitoring, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, and tax management in addition to covering a variety of financial duties, including invoicing. You can create invoices with Zil Money, send them to your payee, and it also makes it simple for businesses to handle accounting tasks.
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Secure and reliable platform. In addition to being easy to use and very intuitive.


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Zil Money is a great company they help us to manage our money. I always have difficult with that, but with Zil I can have the control of my money.


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