Text Messaging For Business

Text Messaging For Business is an efficient and instant way to reach customers. The Group SMS feature lets businesses text their contacts in a single click. This feature is beneficial in letting customers know about the latest promotions and offers or other important updates the business provides.

Businesses can also avail other services offered by the banking platform, like Printable checks, eChecks, Check drafts, Credit and Debit cards, ACH, Wire transfers, and Gift cards.

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Meet the Unique Needs of Your Business

Meet the Unique Needs of Your Business

Zil Money provides one of the best text messaging for business, along with various other tools like creating invoices, paying bills, printing checks, and tracking all spending. Enjoy the best accounting software for small business by integrating with Zil Money. Import checks from QuickBooks, Zoho, and Gusto and send them to customers instantly.

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Accept Payment by Credit Card

Zil Money allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers without additional charges. Get rid of the 2.85% fee incurred by the recipient when credit card payments are accepted. Choose the best software to enjoy easy and seamless credit card payments. Open an account today with Zil Mone

Accept Payment by Credit Card
Online Payments

Online Payments

Zil Money, a cloud-based application, lets users make and mail checks, handle online payments, and manage bank accounts. Zil Money streamlines payment operations for businesses and individuals with its simple interface and strong capabilities. ACH transfers, and credit cards, make it easier to accept online payments from consumers and clients. To protect transactions, Zil Money simplifies payment management with its powerful features and ease of use.

Why Zil Money?

By helping you with various online bill payment options, Zil Money makes it simple and hassle-free for you to remain on top of managing your own money. Therefore, if you are willing to put in the effort to create a budget and set up automatic payments for reoccurring bills, you will be well on your way to making it much simpler to manage your finances in no time!
Why Zil Money?


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is group messaging?

Group messaging lets businesses text their contacts with a single click. This feature is beneficial in letting customers know about the latest promotions and offers or other important updates the business provides. Zil Money’s text messaging for business feature simplifies messaging a group in minutes.

How to create a Group SMS?

Zil Money has simplified for clients to create and send SMS to multiple contacts with a single click. All they need to do is follow these simple steps:
- Log in to the ZilMoney.com account and select Group SMS from the Business Tools list.
- Enter the Title, Phone Number, Group, and message to be sent, and click Send.

What can a business use send messages to users?

Businesses can use the send messages option to reach customers with their latest offers and deals. Zil Money’s group SMS feature lets you send messages to a group in just a few clicks.

Text Message vs Email

Text message refers to exchanging brief messages, known as texts, as a means of communication. On the other hand, Email is a communication method for sending and receiving professional messages. With Zil Money, you can reach your customers via text and email.
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Secure and reliable platform. In addition to being easy to use and very intuitive.


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Zil Money is a great company they help us to manage our money. I always have difficult with that, but with Zil I can have the control of my money.


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A very helpful financial company that facilitates customer services in the best way. thinks seriously about its customers with practically every


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