Like most people, you don’t enjoy going to the bank to send or cash money and waste your time, effort, and money. But, thanks to Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), you can transfer money from the comfort of your home or office with a fast and simple way to send money online. With Zil Money, you can manage all your bank accounts in one place and make payments or transfer money using EFT payments or checks. Keep reading to learn more about EFT payments and this amazing platform.

What Is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is a financial transaction involving the electronic transfer of money from one bank account to another. It is a secure and convenient way to move money between accounts without needing physical cash or checks. EFT has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rise of online banking and the need for faster, more efficient payment methods.

Types of Electronic Fund Transfer Payments

Direct deposit

Direct deposit requires an electronic network that facilitates interbank deposits. This is referred to as an “automated clearing house” (ACH). Since the funds are transferred electronically, the recipient’s account is automatically credited.

Debit and credit card transactions

Credit and debit cards have 16-digit serial numbers. They can be used to make both online and in-store purchases. Debit card transactions are funded by the funds in your bank account.

ATM transactions

ATMs are cash withdrawal machines that allow customers to withdraw cash. Although ATMs are not always free, there may be a fee if you use one directly operated by the bank with which you don’t have an account.

Electronic check (eCheck)

An electronic check is a type of electronic funds transfer that transfers funds from a customer’s account to the payee’s account via the ACH network or through email.


When you transfer money from one bank account to another, you use the Automated Clearing House network. Transactions are processed in batches three times per day by the Automated Clearing House Network.

Wire transfers

A “wire transfer” is sending money electronically to another person. This is accomplished through the use of a global network managed by banks and other financial institutions.

You can do most of the EFT payment using Zil Money, also you can use our platform to design, write and print check from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Electronic Fund Transfer

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) have become increasingly popular over the years as a convenient, secure, and efficient way to transfer money between accounts. Here are some of the main benefits of EFTs:

  • Speed: One of the most significant benefits of EFTs is speed. Unlike traditional methods like sending a check in the mail, EFTs are processed electronically, meaning funds can be transferred almost instantly between accounts. This is particularly important for time-sensitive payments, such as payroll or bill payments.
  • Convenience: EFTs are incredibly convenient since they can be done anywhere with an internet connection. This means that individuals can easily manage their finances from the comfort of their homes without visiting a bank or post office.
  • Security: EFTs are a secure way to transfer money since they eliminate the need for physical cash or checks that can be lost or stolen. Banks use encryption and other security measures to protect users’ data and transactions.
  • Lower costs: EFTs are typically less expensive than traditional payment methods since they require less manual processing. This can save businesses and individuals money in transaction fees and other expenses.
  • Reduced errors: EFTs are less prone to errors than traditional payment methods, as they eliminate the need for manual data entry. This can reduce the risk of mistakes, such as incorrect account numbers or amounts.
  • Improved record-keeping: EFTs generate electronic transaction records, making it easier for individuals and businesses to keep track of their finances. This can be particularly helpful for accounting and tax purposes.
  • Environmental benefits: EFTs are more environmentally friendly than traditional payment methods like paper checks. They reduce the need for paper and transportation, which can positively impact the environment.

EFT payments are one of the most efficient and convenient transfer methods between bank accounts. They are ideal for people who do not want to deal with paper documents or long bank lines. If you want to make EFT payments, our platform Zil Money is ideal for you because it allows you to manage all your bank accounts from a single location.

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