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Jan 14, 2023 | Accounting

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Are you sick of writing checks by hand every day? If this is the case, Zil Money, the best software for writing checks, provides the appropriate solution for you. Ordering is a time-consuming procedure that will drain both your time and money. Our platform is a cloud-based check printing program that enables businesses to design, write, and print checks whenever and wherever they need them. Businesses can use our online platform to create checks, print them, or send them as eChecks.

While Obtaining Checks, Avoid Taking Unnecessary Risks.

Pre-printed checks include your routing number and bank account information. Anyone who obtains your checkbook will have access to this information. Instead of buying checks from third-party vendors, start printing them on blank check stock with your own information. It’s more secure and saves you money when compared to pre-printed checks, if you are looking for the best software for writing checks, then our platform Zil Money is there for you. Now checks can be printed on regular white paper or blank stock using any standard.

Design, Print and Mail Checks

In today’s world, check printing is now a simple process. The proper approach to writing checks is an important consideration. The solution is quite simple: utilize Zil Money for creating the best online checks, we provide the best built-in templates where you can either print them or customize them with your business logo or other needed changes and print them instantly, you can also design from scratch. You can generate and print professional-looking checks from your devices using our drag-and-drop design feature.

Print checks whenever and wherever you need them, using a printer. Printing checks on plain or blank stock paper can save up to 80% on expenses. Thanks to Zil Money, printing checks is now a breeze. Our online platform offers a number of shipping and tracking options. You can set up simple recurring payments, print your check, and send it the same business day for $1.25 with USPS or FedEx.

The Benefits of Integration

More than 22,000 financial institutions in the US and Canada are integrated with Zil Money. Integration with financial institutions helps reduce the risk of fraudulent check activity. Not only that, but our program can also be used to reconcile the financial data from multiple bank accounts. Bank of America and Chase business checks are just two examples of the many institutions where you can create your own bank checks. Additionally, accounting software such as QuickBooks and other platforms can also be integrated with our online platform  and  you can easily import checks from QuickBooks.

How to Print Checks in Zil Money?

You can design and customize your checks and print them using any printer at any time using our free software for printing checks from Zil Money. You can print checks in simple steps, 

  • Open the ‘New check‘ option and enter the details.
  • Add additional notes if required.
  • Click on ‘print-check paper‘ and get your check in hand.

Pre Printed Checks or Check Printer Software Which Is Better?

It’s inconvenient to order checks and then wait for them to come in the mail. If you need to write a check right away, you may not have time to wait. But using Zil Money, the best software for writing checks will be handy in these circumstances. Using our platform, you can effortlessly print checks of any bank thanks to our integration with the banks. You don’t have to wait or worry about having enough checks. Checks ordered from the bank cost more than checks produced at home. The entire problem that the pre-printed check causes can be rectified by printing checks online as required.

Ordering Checks vs Print Checks 

The delivery of checks from Check Company takes two to three business days. You can order checks, but it takes a long time and is more costly. You can print checks right away using our online platform and a normal printer. Printing checks with Zil Money can help you save money on checks.

In the modern day, any printer can be used to print checks on plain paper or blank check paper. Customers who have access to check-writing and check-generation interactive software can make changes to their checks whenever they choose. However, pre-printed checks cannot be modified once they have been printed.

Using Zil Money, the best software for writing checks, is a wonderful way to reduce the trouble of getting checks. Ordering is a time-consuming and expensive procedure, but with our simple platform, you can manage your company’s finances with ease. Our technology allows you to easily print checks and manage your company’s finances. This will allow you to transfer money, send ACH, and wire transfers, and mail checks, among other things, making it an excellent tool for companies of all kinds.

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