Efficiently handling accounts payable and receivable is essential to managing any business. However, it can be a difficult task that can consume significant time and energy. If you’re looking for an AvidXchange alternative that can simplify all your bills, invoice, account receivable, and other aspects, then our platform Zil Money is the perfect solution for you. Our platform provides a variety of features designed to streamline the accounts payable and receivable process, manage and create invoices and bills, and other features that are beneficial for making your business as easy as possible.

AvidXchange vs Zil Money

AvidXchange and Zil Money are two online platforms that offer payment automation and digital check printing solutions. However, there are some significant differences between the two that businesses should consider when choosing the best platform for their needs.

AvidXchange offers invoice data capture, invoice processing, and vendor payment solutions. These features allow businesses to streamline their payment processes, reducing the time and effort required to manage accounts payable. 

Zil Money, an AvidXchange alternative, on the other hand, is a cloud-based finance management tool that provides you with an accounting platform and offers a range of features for managing finances. Our platform enables finance teams to manage payroll, pay bills, reconcile bank statements, and make payments using a variety of methods, including credit cards, debit cards, ACH transfers, and wire transfers.
One of the key benefits of Zil Money is its flexibility. The platform offers a range of payment options, allowing businesses to choose the method that works best for them. This flexibility also extends to other features, such as payroll management and bank statement reconciliation. Our platform Zil Money also offers check printing services that include designing, writing, and printing your check from the comfort of your home or office. You can also create a digital check and send them through the ACH network or via email.

What Is Invoice Data Capture Process?

Invoice data capture is the process of entering invoice details into an accounting system. This system can be as straightforward as noting payments, the vendors who received them, and the payment date. This system may be adequate for a small company, but it would cause chaos in a multinational corporation.

Invoice Processing Definition

Invoice processing is the Accounts Payable business function that manages supplier invoices. This is typically accomplished with software known as automated invoice processing or invoice automation. A flowchart depicts the steps Accounts Payable must take to process supplier invoices.

Prevent Forged Check

Both AvidXchange and Zil Money provide secure platforms for automated payments. However, Zil Money offers additional security features that help protect against fraudulent check scams by closely monitoring your account. In addition, Zil Money enables users to integrate with multiple bank accounts, allowing for easy tracking of cleared and uncleared checks.

By using Zil Money, businesses can enjoy a more flexible and secure platform for managing payments and finances. Rather than relying on AvidXchange, choosing Zil Money may provide businesses with a more reliable solution for their payment automation needs.

Zil Money and Bank Reconciliation

Need help keeping track of all your bank information, credit card statements, and other information needed for bank reconciliation? Don’t worry if so. You can get all your bank information in one place by going to Zil Money. Zil Money is great if you have more than one bank account and need to see and manage all your bank information in one place. Zil Money works with more than 22,000 banks, so you can quickly and easily link your accounts. Never again will bank reconciliation have to be done by hand. Zil Money will take care of it. Our platform will put all your new bank information in one place. Using our online platform, you can compare the check number to the amount taken out of the account. Checks that have been stolen will not be accepted by banks. Zil Money gives its users online access to their bank information and money-management tools.

Positive Pay in Zil Money

Positive Pay is now an automated service available through Zil Money. Zil Money will transmit the list of checks issued by your business to the bank using one of the following methods: API, FTP, and Excel sheet uploads are supported. In addition, when you cancel the check, Zil Money will immediately notify the bank and void any already written checks. You will not be required to notify the banks manually when you issue or cancel checks, as they will be notified automatically. You will be able to relax and enjoy life to the fullest while Zil Money takes care of everything.

Now, don’t waste time looking for an AvidXchange alternative our platform Zil Money is perfect for you. Our platform makes your accounts payable and receivable processes simpler. We also offer a range of other features, pay by credit cards, ACH, eCheck, print and design checks, and many other features that are beneficial for you. In addition to this, we offer seamless integration with other popular accounting software like Zoho, QuickBooks, Gusto, and other platforms. So, why wait? Sign Up and enjoy all the features.

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