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Jan 25, 2024 | Check Printing

Checks book order from banks or online can be both time-consuming and costly. Make the switch to the top check printing platform and start printing checks conveniently from your office desk. 

Convenience of Checks on Demand 

Zil Money enables businesses to print checks instantly, eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed check supplies. All that is necessary is blank check stock, a regular printer, and the platform’s check printing software. The platform supports check formats like top, bottom, middle, three per page, or wallet-size checks. Thanks to the Checks 21 Act, businesses can enhance the efficiency of check deposits by professionally capturing images of the front and back of endorsed checks using their smartphones. 

Customization for a Personal Touch 

Zil Money enhances check printing with its customizable design templates, allowing businesses to add a personal touch through background images of their choice. Whether incorporating a preferred backdrop, changing font styles, or imprinting the business logo on the checks, the drag-and-drop design feature makes the process smooth. This allows businesses to create unique and personalized checks with backgrounds that suit their preferences and branding requirements. 

Enhanced Security 

Due to security issues linked to pre-printed checks, many individuals are seeking more secure alternatives. Pre-printed checks pose a risk as they already contain sensitive details like account and routing numbers, making them vulnerable to fraud. On the other hand, opting for on-demand check printing on blank check stock offers a more secure solution. This method allows users to print checks with essential information only when needed, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access and potential fraud. 

The emergence of on-demand check printing has shown to be a practical and advantageous option for the traditional use of pre-printed checks. Numerous benefits come with this approach, such as affordability, enhanced security protocols, more design freedom, and simple printing procedures. On-demand check printing has become popular as people and companies seek more contemporary and effective ways to handle financial transactions. 

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