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Mar 6, 2023 | Invoice

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Invoicing and managing finances are critical tasks for any business. Unfortunately, most businesses prefer QuickBooks for invoicing and other financial management. While QuickBooks is a popular accounting software option, Zil Money has several advantages over QuickBooks. Zil Money offers a variety of check customization options, easy check printing, more affordable pricing plans, and a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a more cost-effective and efficient invoicing solution. Of course, you can use QuickBooks invoices, but Zil Money invoices will be better if you look for a cost-effective way.

QuickBooks Overview

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software designed to help small businesses manage their finances. It provides various tools and features to help business owners track income and expenses, create and send invoices, manage bills and payments, and generate financial reports. In addition, QuickBooks can handle a wide range of financial tasks, including payroll management, inventory tracking, and tax preparation.

QuickBooks offers a self-employed version for freelancers, a small business version for small business owners, and an enterprise version for larger businesses. Also, our platform, Zil Money, can be integrated with QuickBooks and import data instantly.

What Is an Invoice?

A time-stamped commercial document that summarizes and records a transaction between a buyer and a seller is known as an invoice. For example, if products or services were purchased on credit, the invoice usually defines the transaction terms and provides information on payment options.

Types of invoices may include

  • Standard Invoice:This is the most basic type of invoice businesses use to bill customers for goods or services.
  • Recurring Invoice: This type of invoice is used for services or goods that are provided regularly, like monthly subscriptions or maintenance services.
  • Proforma Invoice:This is a preliminary invoice that businesses use to provide an estimated cost for goods or services, often used for international trade.
  • Commercial Invoice:This legal document used in international trade provides a detailed description of the goods being shipped, their value, and other relevant information.
  • Credit Invoice:Businesses issue credit invoices to customers in order to provide a refund or discount as a result of a previous invoicing error. They frequently include a negative amount that must be paid.
  • Debit Invoice:If you haven’t charged your client enough, they may send you a debit memo, which is similar to an invoice with a credit.

Invoice Generator

An invoice generator software application enables businesses to create and send customer invoices easily. Invoicing is critical to any business because it ensures you are paid for the goods or services you provide. On the other hand, creating and sending invoices can be time-consuming and tedious when done by hand, which is where invoice generators come in to simplify the process.

Why Investing Money on Just an Accounting Software, When You Can Have More?

Businesses need reliable and efficient software to handle invoicing, check printing, and other financial tasks when managing their finances. While QuickBooks is a popular choice for accounting software, there may be better fits for some business purposes. That’s where Zil Money comes in. Zil Money is a powerful financial management tool that offers many of the same features as QuickBooks but with many added benefits.


  • One of the primary advantages of Zil Money is its user-friendly interface. Even those with little accounting experience will find the software simple to use. The platform offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their specific requirements. Furthermore, it is a cloud-based online platform, and users can access their financial data from any location at anytime.
  • Another advantage of Zil Money is its low cost. The software is significantly less expensive than QuickBooks, making it an excellent choice for small businesses and startups on a tight budget. Furthermore, Zil Money provides various payment processing options, check printing, and other tools that make it simple for businesses to accept customer payments.

Why Should You Prefer Zil Money’s Invoice?

Zil Money and QuickBooks are popular financial management tools offering invoicing capabilities. However, while both platforms offer invoicing features, some key differences exist between Zil Money invoices and QuickBooks invoices.

  • Customization Options
  • Payment Options.
  • Integration.

Although both Zil Money and QuickBooks provide robust invoicing capabilities, there are some significant differences between the two platforms. For example, while QuickBooks provides more in the accounting field, the platform has very few payment methods compared to Zil Money; additionally, Zil Money provides the added benefit of printing checks directly from the platform and is more cost-effective for small businesses. So, instead of QuickBooks invoices, start using Zil Money invoices.

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