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Feb 15, 2023 | Check Mailing

Say goodbye to mailing check by yourself. With Zil Money, you can now effortlessly mail checks online from the comfort of your own home using any devices. Our platform provides a convenient and simple solution for mailing checks, eliminating the need to visit the post office. With just a click or tap, you can easily send your check using our online platform, no more hassle, no more trips to the Mail Checks post office. Keep reading to know more about mail checks and how Zil Money can assist you.

What Is a Check?

A check is a written document instructing a bank to pay a specified amount of money to the person named on the check. The person writing the check, also known as the drawer, writes it to the payee, the person receiving the payment. Checks are simple to convert into cash or deposit into a bank account. Both parties can keep a record of their transaction. It is important to handle checks with care as they are considered legal documents.

Affordable Mail Checks Online Solution

Our check mailing service provides an affordable alternative to traditional options we also provide check tracking options. At just $1.25, you receive premium printing and postage, saving you over $6.53 compared to the average cost of $7.78 for other platforms. With Zil Money’s low-cost check printing platform, you can enjoy all significant features and save your precious time and money.

Bank Drafts vs Checks: Understanding the Differences

A bank draft is a payment initiated by the bank on your behalf, while a check is a payment made directly from your bank account. The key difference is that you must request the bank to issue a draft, whereas you have control over who and how much to pay with a check.

Is Check Mailing Safe?

Sending checks through the U.S. postal system is a secure method of payment. Many individuals and banks use this method regularly, either through traditional mail or online bill payment services. With Zil Money, you can simplify the process by sending checks with just a click from your computer, no more trips to the post office we will do it for you. Mail checks online safely for a low cost using our platform.

Personalize Your Checks with Zil Money – Save Time and Money

Say goodbye to dull, standard checks and embrace the power of customization with Zil Money. Our drag-and-drop design tool allows you to add your own touch to your checks, such as your business logo, preferred font, and other important details. This personalization not only adds a unique aesthetic but can also help you make a lasting impression. Save time and money by printing your own checks through Zil Money instead of purchasing pre-printed ones.

More Benefits Provided by Zil Money

In addition to customized check printing, Zil Money offers a range of payment options, including eChecks, ACH payments, and digital checks. Plus, you can access Zil Banking through the platform, making it easy to send payments, transfer money, and manage your finances.

Zil Money, is a user-friendly platform and requires no complicated procedures or strict formatting specifications to use. You can start writing and printing checks instantly and customize them to fit your needs with our variety of checks and settings.

Our online platform allows you to print checks from any computer or mobile device, eliminating the risk of lost or stolen paper checks. With Zil Money, you get a fast, easy, and secure method of payment.

With Zil Money, expensive check mailing is a thing of the past. For just $1.25, we will print and mail checks online with a simple click or tap from your device, whether it be a personalized check or a standard one. Choose the “Mail Checks” option and let us handle the rest. Your checks will be sent via USPS or FedEx, ensuring fast and safe delivery. Don’t wait, join today and enjoy our affordable check mailing service!

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