Are you tired of waiting for pre-printed checks to arrive in the mail? Or do you want to save money on checks? Good news! All you have to do is print checks yourself, and you must be wondering how to do this well, that’s why Zil Money is there for you. Our platform lets you print bank checks on blank check paper or regular paper using a regular printer, thereby saving you money and time.

What Is a Check?

Checks order banks to pay their owners. The “payer” or “drawer” writes the check. The “payee” receives the check. Checks are easy to cash or deposit into a bank account. The payer and payee can benefit from their transaction record. Checks are legal documents, so handle them carefully.

The Main Important Part of a Bank Check

  • Bank routing number. The way banks identify themselves is by their nine-digit routing numbers. The routing number is another set of numbers that tells the bank where to send the money. This number shows that the bank is federally or state-chartered and has an account with the Federal Reserve.
  • Account number. The bank will use your account number to determine which account to take money from when you pay a bill. If you have several accounts at the same bank, they will all have the same routing number but different account numbers.
  • Check number. A check number helps you keep track of each check you write. Most check numbers have between three to four digits, making them the shortest. Check numbers don’t help with the electronic transfer of money as much as routing and account numbers.

Proper Way to Fill a Bank Check

People have confusion regarding the correct way to fill out checks.

  • In the upper-right corner of the check, write the date.
  • Add the payee’s name.
  • Enter the check amount in numerals.
  • Write the monetary amount in letters.
  • Sign the check.
  • Take notes in the memo section.
  • Keep a record of your checks.

Check Stock Paper

Check stock paper is a type of paper designed specifically for printing checks. It prevents others from altering your checks. You can buy blank stock paper online or at most office supply stores, and our platform, Zil Money, makes it easy to print the checks. You can print your check on paper, but it’s best to print it on blank check stock.

Blank check stock is a safe way to print custom checks for your business or personal use. Using Zil Money, you can use a standard printer at home or at the office to print checks on blank stock paper or regular paper. This can also save you up to 80% on printing checks.

Digital Check

Digital checks are the equivalent of paper checks in the digital world. Direct debit transfers, internet checks, and digital checks are also names for the same thing. The person’s checking account is used to pay for the check, and a payment processor takes care of the transaction. You can send digital bank checks using our platform.

Banking and Accounting Software Integration

Zil Money is the best way for businesses of all sizes to write and print checks online. The platform works with more than 22,000 banks and financial institutions so that you can connect multiple bank accounts and their check formats. Zil Money can help you get your bank account in order and stop fraudulent checks from entering your account. The platform also works with accounting software like QuickBooks, Gusto, and Zoho so that you can print computer bank checks, eChecks, and paper checks. Print the best quality bank checks using a regular printer.

Customize and Design Your Check 

Unlike pre-printed checks, you can use our platform to customize your checks. Add your company logo, preferred font, and preferred style using our drag-and-drop design tool. You can also have your checks printed in any size you want. Create your personalized bank checks online in seconds, print on demand, and make changes as needed, saving your money and time. Printing your checks is more efficient than ordering pre-printed checks because it saves time and money, both of which are valuable in human life.

If you are looking for a way to print bank checks for business or personal purposes, look no further than our platform Zil Money, you can print bank checks instantly on-demand using a regular printer. Plus, you can create your check from scratch or customize the existing check template without additional cost. So, why wait? Start using our platform and see how this will assist your business!

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