Order checks online from third-party services is a time-consuming and expensive printing process. However, with the Check 21 Act, users can now choose a more efficient method. They can simply print checks instantly at home or in the office on blank stock paper using their printer. This provides a cost-effective alternative. It also allows for greater flexibility and independence in managing one’s check printing needs. 

Cost Savings with Blank Stock Papers

Obtaining checks from external vendors can be both time-intensive and costly. The price of pre-printed checks typically ranges from $0.35 to $0.60 per leaf. Zil Money offers the option to print checks on blank stock papers at a mere $0.05 per leaf, resulting in potential savings of up to 80%. This method not only allows for the creation of high-quality checks but also significantly reduces overall expenses for businesses. 

Reduced Risk of Fraud

A significant drawback of using pre-printed checks is the potential risk of storing them. They contain sensitive bank information. Zil Money instantly addresses this concern by allowing users to print checks on blank stock paper. This minimizes the risk of fraud. It offers a more secure and controlled environment for handling financial transactions. This innovative approach enhances security. It also simplifies the check issuance process for increased efficiency.

Convenient Check Printing Process

Printing checks with Zil Money is a simple process. Users can log in, navigate to the Payables section, select “Checks,” and click “+New” to enter the necessary details. Whether using blank check stock or regular paper, the platform allows users to print checks instantly using any standard printer. This eliminates the need for costly third-party check orders and provides a more efficient and customized approach to check printing. 

The conventional method of purchasing checks online from external sources is gradually becoming outdated. Printing checks online provides increased control, security, and effectiveness in handling financial transactions. Bid farewell to the inconveniences of traditional approaches and welcome the future of check printing for improved financial management.

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