Create Check Online with Zil Money, Save Up to 80% of Your Check Printing Costs

Sep 3, 2022 | Check Printing

Use Zil Money to create checks online and cut your check printing expenses by up to 80%. It costs money to purchase pre-printed checks from independent businesses. Zil Money, on the other hand, makes it simple for businesses to design personalised checks and print them on plain check paper using a standard printer. Additionally, consumers have the option to instantly create checks and email them to their payees. Zil Money can also follow the email and make sure the recipients of the eCheck receive it.

How to Create Checks with Zil Money?

Step 1 : Log in to and select Check from the Payables menu.

Step 2 :Click on the “+New” button to create new checks and add the bank account, amount, and payee details.

Step 3  :After entering the necessary details, you can save, print, mail, email, or ACH the check by clicking the respective buttons.

Print and Send Your Checks Instantly

Use Zil Money to make payments more quickly. Instantly create checks and email them to your payee. Checks can be printed on blank stock papers using a conventional printer and delivered to your payee in just a few minutes. Additionally, you can send several email checks at once by entering your payees.

Zil Money is a platform that makes it simple and secure for you to write checks online. You can use the drag-and-drop check creation tool on our user-friendly site to create your check. Drag and drop your favourite typefaces, company logo, and background picture into the design after choosing the one you want. To ensure that you are getting exactly what you expect, you can preview your design before printing it off. Why not try writing a check right now online?

Pre-printed checks from third-party businesses are pricey and less secure since they already contain financial information. On the other hand, people can rapidly print their checks on white paper or blank stock paper using check printing. Businesses may design customised checks using Zil Money and save up to 80% on check printing expenses.

Design Your Personal Check

Different checks are available from Zil Money. Checks can be handwritten or made using a template from the internet platform. You can upload your company logo, bank information, name, and check design.

Use Zil Money to complete all the fields after making your check. You must enter the check’s amount and date as well as sign it electronically with your digital signature before printing or sending it as an eCheck.

Check Printing Software for Business is Easy Now

Our cloud-based check printing software makes managing your company’s finances simpler. Using this platform, businesses may manage their payments and receipts and connect numerous bank accounts. Additionally, they can print checks in a variety of forms, including printable checks and eChecks. Additionally, you may handle employee paychecks on a single platform with the aid of our payroll check printing software. With one click, print or email payroll checks to every employee.

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