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Get your check routing number on your check. Add banking account details including routing number on checks created using Zil Money. Add the routing number at the bottom of the check after designing the check. Buy a blank check and print the banking details on it. It is really easy and economic.



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Design the check using user-friendly check designing tools. Download your business logo and business name on the check. Make it more customized and classy. After designing the check, enter the bank account number and check routing number along with other banking details.

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Usually, the routing number consists of a nine-digit number. When you create checks and add a check routing number make sure that the check routing number is comprised of nine digits, else the check becomes void.

Know The Check Routing Number


Zil Money provides the option of editing the check templates and saving them especially for the recurring types of payments. This will help the customer not to create checks and routing number again. Once the check routing number is added to the check designs and saved it can be used again and again as the routing number of particular banks will be the same.

The check routing number is usually used for identifying the name of the financial institution to where the bank account belongs to. The check routing number for a particular bank will be unique and before entering the details, the user should have knowledge of the routing number.

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A routing number on a check is an essential part of any check and without that, or any mistake in the routing number, the check will be void. A routing number on a check is also called an ABA number on checks. It helps the banking authorities and machines regarding the particular bank and account where the transaction should take place. For sending and receiving funds from or to a bank account, the routing number on the check is a must.

Why Check Routing Number Is Added?


The routing number of a particular bank will be also available on the website or the user can call the bank directly to get the check routing number.

While creating checks using Zil Money, the bank account number and the routing number comes at the bottom side of the check. There are three sets of numbers at the bottom of any checks in the United States. The second set of numbers is the routing number. For knowing the routing number some methods are to get it from the bottom side of a check or to get it from online banking details.

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