Zil Money, The Best Plastiq Alternative

Feb 16, 2023 | Accounting

Credit cards are a widely utilized payment method in the United States, with many relying on them for their day-to-day financial security. However, not everyone has the financial resources or spending habits to make credit cards work to their advantage. Poor usage can lead to high costs, making credit cards a burden rather than a benefit. If you are looking for a better Plastiq alternative, Zil Money is here to help. Keep reading to know how Zil Money is the best plastiq alternative.

Zil Money: A Better Plastiq Alternative

Plastiq is a payment platform that enables users to pay bills and expenses with their credit cards. This can be useful for those who need to pay a bill but don’t have the funds available in their bank account.

Zil Money is a comprehensive payment platform that offers a wide range of features and support for various platforms. It is designed for small to large businesses and franchises and provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional credit card processing providers. Zil Money offers a pay-by-credit card payment system and professional accounts payable software that enables users to manage their finances effectively.

Additionally, Zil Money provides features such as revolving credit, check writing and printing, invoice and payroll management, and more. In contrast, Plastiq is a company that primarily focuses on allowing businesses to pay bills using a credit card but in Zil Money you can use credit card and can select from various option like eCheck, ACH and other methods to pay your vendor or for any other purpose. Also, without compromising on your bonus and other offers.

The Challenges of Using Credit Cards Payments and a Solution from Zil Money 

Using a rewards credit card to pay rent can boost your earnings and help you meet the first spending requirement for a bonus. However, even if credit card payments are allowed in some cases, they may still not be an option for paying rent because the landlord will do not want payment via credit card. For instance, while direct credit card payments are accepted, landlords and property managers usually charge a processing fee of 2.5% to 2.9% to the credit card provider. Moreover, there may be instances where the landlord refuses to accept credit card payments.

Zil Money offers a solution to this challenge by handling the payment processing for vendors that don’t accept credit cards. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary payment information, and we’ll handle the rest. Our service allows customers to pay electronically or by check or by other methods, ensuring that your vendor receives their money without any issues. In addition, you can use your existing credit cards to cover most company expenses, even if they are not approved.

Better Control Over Cash Flow and Payables

You can use short-term financing or credit cards to pay vendors, and by automating your payables and invoice data capture, you can pay your bills more efficiently. You can also access your entire payables operation at a glance.

Eliminate Credit Card Transaction Fees

Transaction costs may have kept the seller from accepting credit card payments before. You may also have had to add a surcharge for the transaction. These credit card fees are no longer an issue. With our platform, anyone can now accept credit card payments. The recipient will not incur any transaction fees, and you can still use your credit card rewards points. Start utilizing Zil Money immediately to benefit from this advantage.

If you’re searching for an excellent Plastiq alternative, Zil Money is the perfect solution for you. Our platform offers many features with pay-by-credit-card that will be beneficial for businesses. Our credit card payment option allows you to utilize your current credit card for electronic or check payments. Start using Zil Money and manage your business finances with ease.

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