Preprinted checks are no longer necessary. Checks can be ordered and printed from home or at the office.

The custom has long been to buy preprinted checks, pay for them in advance, and wait for their shipment to arrive. In customer surveys, we find that preprinted checks represent a problem because they do not allow for the modification of order specifications.

With Zil Money, you can order personal checks online with no hassles since these are checks you will print on your own, with any design you wish, wherever you want, and at a fraction of the cost, you would have incurred if you had ordered preprinted checks.

Furthermore, when you print personal checks online, you can customize them with your name and address. If, for instance, you would like your business logo printed on the top left corner of each check, this is also possible.

Cost Comparison of Printing Checks Online vs Ordering Preprinted Checks

When you print checks online, you have the option to print a few or a lot. Not only that you will incur minuscule expenses, but there will be no waste or security issues.

Our estimates show that you can save 80% of preprinted personal check order costs by adopting online printing. As pointed out, the peace of mind you get from not having to worry about your checkbook is an added advantage.

If you try to order preprinted checks, there are many variables to be taken care of; most of them are redundant after the Check 21-act – which allows printing checks from any printer without any special ink or paper. What a great time-and-money saver it is!

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