Why Use an Excel Invoice Template for Invoice When There Is a Simpler Way?

Apr 16, 2023 | Invoice

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Are you tired of using outdated methods to manage your business invoices? It’s time to switch to Zil Money, a cloud-based platform that makes creating, sending, and tracking invoices easily. With Zil Money, you can automate your invoice processing without the need for an Excel invoice template. You can integrate all your accounting, receivables, and payables into one platform, streamline your finances and focus on growing your business. Keep reading to know more about invoices and how Zil Money can help you.

What Is an Invoice?

A business document that records and summarizes a transaction between buyer and a seller is known as an invoice. It is marked with the date and time. If you bought goods or services on credit, your invoice should explain the terms of the transaction and how you should pay.

Types of invoices may include 

  • Paper receipt.
  • Bill of sale.
  • Debit note.
  • Sales invoice.
  • Online electronic record.


Since the dawn of the computer age, it has become more convenient for individuals and businesses to use electronic invoicing rather than paper documents. E-invoicing, also known as electronic invoicing is a type of electronic billing used to create, store, and track documents related to transactions between parties to ensure compliance with agreements. You can send digital invoices using Zil Money.

Invoice Software

Invoice software is a computer program that automates and streamlines the invoicing process for businesses. It is designed to help businesses create and send professional-looking invoices quickly and without manually entering the data. Typically, invoice software provides a variety of features and tools, including templates that can be customized, automated payment reminders, payment tracking, and reporting capabilities. The software can also assist businesses in managing their financial records, including expense tracking and report generation. Overall, invoice software is a valuable tool that can save businesses time and effort while improving the accuracy and efficacy of accounting procedures. Zil Money provides you with the best invoice software for all your business needs.

Invoice Management 

The invoice is one of the most important financial documents that all businesses receive. Invoice management is a crucial internal business function related to the procurement process of a company. As a company expands, it requires more goods and services to function, and this will make the company increasingly purchase more goods and services, resulting in an increase in invoices. Use Zil Money to effectively manage your invoices and enjoy additional benefits such as check writing, printing, and design.

The management of invoices includes:

  • Receiving the invoice from a vendor for supplies/services ordered.
  • Validating the legitimacy of the invoice.
  • Processing the payment at the appropriate time.
  • Recording the payment in company records.

Invoice-Sending Tips

Send invoices online by implementing the tips mentioned below, which will allow you to send a good invoice online efficiently

  • Use professional invoice templates.
  • Include all necessary details.
  • Use clear language. 
  • Provide multiple payment options.
  • Follow up on overdue invoices.

Sending invoices is a crucial component of any successful business. You can streamline the invoicing process and ensure prompt payment from clients or customers by using professional templates, including all required information, using clear language, providing multiple payment options, and following up on overdue invoices. Send invoices easily using our platform Zil Money.

Benefits of Using Zil Money over Excel Invoice Template

  • Save Time: One of the most significant advantages of using an Excel invoice template is that it saves time. You don’t have to create invoice from scratch every time. Instead, you can use a pre-made template and fill in the necessary information.
  • Professional Appearance: An Excel invoice template gives your business a professional appearance. You can customize the template with your logo, company colors, and font to match your brand. This gives your business a consistent look across all of your invoices.
  • Easy to Use: Excel is a user-friendly program, and creating an invoice template is straightforward. You don’t need to have advanced computer skills to create an invoice. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to create an invoice template in no time.

Invoicing in Zil Money

The traditional method of creating invoices using an Excel template is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the introduction of cloud-based platforms, creating and sending invoices has become easier than ever before. Using our platform Zil Money, you can easily create invoices using customizable templates that can be tailored to match your company’s branding. So, in short, you can add your company’s logo or change the color schemes to create a personalized touch to your invoices. Our cloud-based platform also allows businesses to keep track of all their invoices and payments, ensuring they never miss a payment. Overall, using Zil Money is a great way for businesses to streamline their invoicing process and improve their cash flow management rather than using an Excel invoice template.

By automating your invoice processing with Zil Money, you can focus on growing your business without the hassle of using an Excel invoice template. Our platform offers an all-in-one solution for managing your accounting, receivables, and payables integrations. Our customizable templates allow you to create professional-looking invoices and add your company’s branding. So say goodbye to the traditional method of creating invoices and switch to Zil Money for a more streamlined and efficient invoicing process.

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