Create checks online rather than ordering pre-printed checks and waiting for them to be delivered. You can conveniently print them online through the cloud-based platform and easily use any printer for printing. This method simplifies the check creation process, reducing the need for physical delivery and providing greater flexibility in managing finances. 

Print Checks Online with Ease 

Long gone are the days of expecting the delivery of pre-printed checks. Zil Money offers a convenient solution, enabling users to print checks online effortlessly using any printer, whether at home or in the office. Utilizing blank stock papers, easily obtainable from office supply stores or online retailers such as Amazon, allows business and personal checks to be printed on demand. This saves time and reduces costs significantly, with blank stock paper costing five times less than pre-printed checks, leading to an impressive 80% savings. Additionally, this modern approach to check printing provides greater flexibility and control over one’s financial transactions. 

Customize Checks to Your Liking 

Zil Money allows users to tailor checks according to their preferences. With a choice between four different check sizes – top, middle, bottom, or wallet – and a user- friendly drag-and-drop feature, you can effortlessly add logos, choose font styles, and personalize the design. Unlike pre-printed checks that offer restricted customization, the platform empowers users to create checks that represent their brand identity, providing unparalleled flexibility and control over the process. 

Efficient Integration and Fraud Prevention 

Zil Money integrates with over 22,000 banks and financial institutions, allowing users to connect multiple bank accounts and their respective check formats effortlessly. Moreover, the platform offers robust fraud prevention measures, including encrypted check data, secure storage, and user authentication. Check verification feature provided by the platform help businesses detect and prevent fraudulent or altered checks, while its positive pay services enable companies to provide banks with a list of authorized checks, ensuring only approved transactions are executed. 

Experience the convenience and affordability of online check printing with the platform’s extensive range of features. Bid farewell to pricey pre-printed checks and complex printing procedures, and welcome a simplified, cost-effective solution that enhances efficiency and saves your valuable resources. Give the platform a try now and transform your check printing experience for the better. 

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