Check ordering online can be both time-consuming and costly. Instead, checks can be instantly printed online on blank stock paper using an office or home printer. Thanks to the Check 21 Act, any printer can be used to print checks

Cost Savings with Blank Check Stock

Traditional methods of getting checks online from third-party providers can be expensive. Zil Money offers a cost-effective alternative by allowing users to print high-quality checks on premium blank stock papers. This approach saves up to 80% on check printing costs, making it five times cheaper than obtaining pre-printed checks. Moreover, the risk associated with stocking pre-printed checks is significantly reduced. 

Customized Checks for Personalization

Zil Money lets users personalize their checks by printing them on blank stock paper. Whether adding a company logo, choosing a specific font style, or incorporating other visuals, checks can be tailored to individual preferences. This customization results in significant time and cost savings. The platform ensures that checks with the exact design are printed and sent to payees securely via FedEx or USPS.

Security Concerns Addressed

While getting checks through online means is generally considered safe, concerns arise when dealing with bulk pre-printed checks containing sensitive bank information. Zil Money addresses these security concerns by allowing users to print checks on-demand on blank paper, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to vital financial details. This approach ensures a secure and convenient method of check management. 

The check management landscape is transforming as the adoption of on-demand printing on blank stock paper gains prominence as a practical substitute for the conventional process of obtaining checks online. This innovative approach offers the advantages of immediate printing, cost-effectiveness, and heightened security features and facilitates smooth integration with various financial tools, empowering businesses with greater flexibility and efficiency in their financial operations.

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