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Nov 8, 2022 | Payments

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

Pay bill from the comfort of your home, if you are wondering how this can be achieved, don’t worry the online payment will be the best way to do this. Use ACH direct deposit, eCheck, and other methods, and if you are wondering which is the best platform to achieve all this, Zil Money is there to make your paying bill as simple as possible. You can pay the bill instantly without wasting your time.

Pay Bill Using Zil Money

Pay bills quickly by mail, eCheck, printed check, or direct deposit. You can quickly create bills or invoices with payee information using Zil Money. We have integrated with various banks and financial institutions for a better user experience. Our platform provides an accurate bank reconciliation solution by connecting multiple bank accounts through our cloud-based software.

Printed checks, eChecks, physical mail, or ACH direct deposits are acceptable payment methods. The invoice can also be sent straight to your Zil Money account by your merchants if they choose to. With just one click, you can select the bill from your bill list, pay it, and create checks with the vendor’s information on them. Using Zil Money, you can send them however you find most convenient.

How to Pay Bill in Zil Money?

Zil Money has you covered for any transaction; ACH direct deposits are also available. A true image of your company’s financial status should be provided. This will allow it to maintain liquidity and flexibility while expediting the payment process to support a strong financial outlook. Your firm must receive regular payment for the work it performs. You can use Zil Money to set up recurring payments for all your expenses, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to make a payment again. Paying your bills is easy and economical using our platform.

  • Add Bill: Select Bill from payables and click on +New and create a bill with necessary details entered.
  • Pay Bill:   Select the bill from bill list and click on Pay and you will be redirected to the new check page where the check is automatically created. Choose the payment option and pay the bill.

What’s the Difference between an Invoice and a Bill?

A bill is a statement of charges printed or written out that details how much a consumer owes for the goods or services they have received.

An invoice is an accounting record that a company sends to a client outlining the goods and services that are given and the payment due for the work.

An invoice is generated by the company providing the service, and the client receiving the invoice records it as a bill to be paid, even though an invoice and a bill both convey the same information about the amount owed as part of a commercial transaction.

The following example demonstrates the various ways that the terms bill and invoice are used in accounting:

  • First a business sends an invoice to a customer.
  • Secondly the customer receives it as a bill.
  • Thirdly the customer pays the amount owing.
  • Lastly the business issues a receipt as proof of the payment.


So, stop wasting your time by using the old payment method to pay bill payment. It is not that efficient that your time and money will be lost, which can be used for other purposes like investing in your business or your life. Our platform is ideal for companies of all sizes who must make on-time payments on their invoices. You can use Direct Deposits, eChecks, printed checks, or checks by mail to prepare and send bills directly to your payees. You can quickly connect and reconcile several bank accounts with our cloud-based software. Consequently, it has become a company favourite! 

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