Checkeeper Alternative, Zil Money: Revolutionizing Check Management

Jan 8, 2024 | Check Printing

In an era marked by technological innovation and efficiency-driven solutions, the traditional realm of check management is experiencing a transformative wave. The check printing process has undergone substantial transformation thanks to technological advancements, offering a diverse range of alternatives to traditional Checkeeper. 

Customization for a Personal Touch

Unlike some alternatives, which may lack desired customization options for businesses, Zil Money offers a highly intuitive drag-and-drop design tool, allowing users to personalize their checks with various customization options. This includes incorporating custom design templates, choosing from various font styles, and even integrating background images. This flexibility ensures that checks not only fulfill a financial role but also represent the brand and overall business identity. The user-friendly features of the platform facilitate efficient tailoring of checks, allowing businesses to align with unique aesthetic preferences and reinforce the professional image. 

Print Checks Anytime, Anywhere

Although many alternatives enable check printing on blank stock paper, they come with certain limitations. Zil Money goes a step further. It provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform. Users can easily create, print, and track single or bulk checks. The constraints of specific printers or inks no longer bind the platform. It allows users to print checks on any regular printer. This makes the process convenient, cost-effective, and adaptable to diverse printing setups.

Versatility in Payment Options

Zil Money stands out by offering various payment options that go beyond traditional check printing. With the platform, users can conveniently make and receive payments using printable checks, eChecks, ACH, Wire, and RTP. This versatility ensures that one’s business remains at the forefront of payment technology, adapting smoothly to the diverse needs of modern transactions. 

Zil Money distinguishes itself as a superior choice compared to Checkeeper in several aspects. Its comprehensive platform, diverse payment options, integration capabilities, customization features, cost-effectiveness, and robust security measures collectively position it as a compelling option for businesses seeking to modernize check management processes.

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