When you can print your own checks within a few minutes, you do not have to rely on Costco check printing and wait for 3-5 days for your pre-printed checks to be delivered. With the check writing software from Zil Money, you can print your customized checks on-demand using a regular printer. Thanks to the Check 21 Act, you do not need a special printer or paper for printing checks.

Why Are Businesses Considering Check Printing Software?

    Businesses of all sizes are looking to save money and increase their profit. Even though most businesses employ online banking services, many still write checks to pay their suppliers, contractors, clients, etc. For that, they usually need hundreds of checks every day.

    In the past, most companies utilized the services of check printing companies like Costco. However, ordering pre-printed checks proved to be expensive, in addition to being time-consuming. Startups and freelancers may not be able to afford pre-printed checks. That is why check printing software is becoming popular.

    Since there is no need for any special ink, printer, or paper, you can print business and personal checks at a small cost. You can print checks on blank stock paper, which is easily available online, or at your local office supply store; that too at a reasonable price. Also, you only need a few minutes to choose a check template, fill in the necessary details, and print your checks.

    Safety Concerns of Pre-Printed Checks

      When you order checks from Costco, you usually order in bulk. This may cost you a fortune and poses some safety concerns. Pre-printed checks should never be kept in bulk since they include sensitive information, like the bank account number, routing number, etc. These details can be used fraudulently by thieves to get access to your account and make withdrawals.

      Fortunately, the need to store checks in bulk does not arise when you use check printing software. You can print checks whenever you need them. Also, it allows users to add the payment information at the time of payment. This helps to prevent any fraudulent activities that could occur.

      Reasons To Choose Zil Money Over Costco

      Saves Time

        As mentioned earlier, ordering pre-printed checks is a time-consuming process. The check printing companies, including Costco, take several days to finalize a design and even more days to print them. It is not the ideal choice when you have to write hundreds of checks daily. With Zil Money’s Check Writing software, you can print checks within a few minutes and the need to wait for 6-7 business days is not there anymore.


        You can save up to 80% of your check printing cost when you switch to Zil Money. When you order checks from Costco, you must pay the printing and delivery charges, which is unsuitable for startups and freelancers. On the other hand, Zil Money allows users to print checks without breaking the bank.


        Zil Money allows printing checks while you need them. The opportunity for check theft increases when you have pre-printed checks lying around. Additionally, the platform provides password-protected storage for bank data. Making backups of the data is also simple with Zil Money in case something happens to your computer or mobile devices.

        Check Customization

        Customize your checks whenever you want using Zil Money’s check printing software. Print your checks on top, middle, bottom, and wallet size. Contrary to pre-printed checks, which only provide a few designs, our software allows you to customize the checks by adding your company’s logo and selecting the font styles and layout.

        Additional Features Offered by Zil Money

          One reason businesses are choosing Zil Money over Costco and other check companies is that we offer several features besides check printing. Checks by mail service offered by Zil Money allow users to send checks via USPS for just $1. Users can pay and receive ACH and wire transfers for a small transaction fee. Additionally, you can use Zil Money for bill payments, invoicing, and streamlining all your financial transactions.

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