Do you prefer the old-fashioned way of writing checks because you don’t trust the digital world? You may own a small business that does several transactions with checks. Most people use pre-printed checks, but ordering checks takes time and money. In any case, you may be wondering how to get checks without spending more money.

Printing checks is more efficient than check ordering online, and Zil is one of the top check printing platforms on the market.

Key Lessons

  • A Check
  • Difference between Pre-Printed Check and blank Check.
  • The Challenges of Check Ordering Online.
  • A new check printing method.
  • The advantage of printing checks.
  • How to make checks with Zil?

A Check

A check is a piece of paper that tells a bank to pay the person who has it. The person who writes the check is called the drawer. The person who gets the cashier’s check is called the payee. They also keep a record of what happened, which can help both sides.

A Pre-Printed Check

A pre-printed check has already been printed with non-variable information. The bank name, address, payee information, void after a period, and bank account number are already printed on such checks.

The pre-printed check contains your critical financial information, like routing and account numbers. However, there are better alternatives to pre-printed check ordering.

A Blank Check

Checks that don’t have any information on them are called “blank checks.” Blank checks are the same thing as blank check paper stock. They are not checks yet because they are just pieces of paper with security features like watermarks and micro prints. People and businesses need to write the bank’s logo, name, address, and payer information on the MICR line.

Difference Between Pre-Printed Check and Blank Check

Pre-printed and blank checks differ in many ways. Unlike blank checks, pre-printed checks already have some information printed on them that isn’t on blank checks.

At the start of the day, the teller receives pre-printed checks to use during business hours. The teller prints customer checks with a dot matrix printer or other non-secure printers. Pre-printed check printing takes 8–9 minutes.

With blank check stock and a MICR printer, you can print variable data, fixed data, and MICR line items in just a few seconds. With this on-demand check printing solution, your bank may reduce fraud and streamline the processes.

The Challenges of Check Ordering Online

There are a few problems with ordering pre-printed checks from a check printing company.

Ordering checks can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

Slow and dull – Finding the right company, the suitable check format, and how to order the checks takes time.

Expensive – You might have to pay processing fees and shipping and handling costs.

Frustrating – It’s annoying that you might not get your order immediately or have trouble cashing the checks.

It costs too much – Ordering checks online will need a huge amount of money. Sometimes, you can get better rates if you pay with a debit or credit card instead of cash.

A New Check-Printing Method

There are many ways to print checks, but check printing software is new. You save time and money this way because you don’t have to go to the bank or wait in line.

With software from Zil, you can print checks online right away, whenever you want, wherever you are. Thanks to the Check 21 Act, which lets you print checks on any printer, you can buy blank check stock papers at your local office supply store or online and start printing checks on your own.

The easy-to-use software prints the check’s routing number, account number, check number, date, and amount. You can make it more professional by adding a logo or your signature. This is an excellent way to save money and time when printing checks.

The Advantages of Printing Checks

  • Avoid manual filling.
  • Manages finances well.
  • Reduce costs.
  • One platform can manage many accounts.
  • Checks can be branded.
  • Safeguarded.
  • Time-saving.
  • Comfortable.
  • Flexibility.
  • Easy taxation.

How to Make Checks with Zil?

Step 1: Sign in to Zil Money, go to the Payables menu and click on the Check option.

Step 2: Click the “+New” button to make new checks.

Step 3: Choose a bank account and a payee. Enter the amount and any other information that is needed.

Step 4: Click the Save button to keep the check.

Step 5: Click the Print Check Paper or Print White Paper button to print the check.

Stop Check ordering online when you can print them yourself. It gives you complete control over your checks and allows you to receive them promptly without wasting time or money. You can also create and print custom checks for your business. Zil Money simplifies the process of check printing. Sign up for Zil and print your check. No more ordering checks; print them yourself.

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