Checks in the Mail provide checks, checkbook covers, and related supplies online. However, once you place an order, it can take up to 10-12 business days for standard delivery. Some businesses may find they need to get a checkbook sooner to make quick vendor/supplier payments. Imagine a scenario where you run out of checks?

With an online check printing platform like Zil Money, you no longer need to worry about waiting for your checks to arrive. Print instantly on demand, anywhere anytime, from home or office, using any standard printer you use, including inkjet or laser printer. 

Alternative to Ordering Expensive Checks Online

As a business owner, you’re the one vendors, clients, and customers depend on to receive payments. You probably already know that writing checks each week takes a lot of time and effort. Why not try some software that can keep up with your pace of doing business.

With the Zil Money check printing solution, businesses can save an average of 14 hours a month and $6 on every check mailed. According to a report by Aberdeen Group, the average cost of making a check payment is $7.78. If a small business prints 50 checks in a month, it would cost the business $4668 annually on making check payments alone. Imagine if you could bring down the cost by 80%? It’s possible with Zil Money.

      Checks at Low Cost

        Checks in the Mail provide business checks starting from $57 to $127; simultaneously, you can print your checks cheaper on the Online Check Printing platform by Zil Money on blank check stock available from your nearest office supply store or Amazon.

        No need to stock forms for multiple bank accounts; buy some cheap blank check stock and print-on-demand personal checks, business checks and deposit slips. You can print checks in multiple formats- Check on Top, bottom, and middle, Three-per-page and wallet size checks.

        Integrations with Banks and Accounting Software

        You can print checks from any bank in the US; our cloud-based check printing platform connects to over 22000+ banks, so you can instantly print Chase Bank checks, Bank Of America checks, and Wells Fargo checks on demand. Our platform is integrated with multiple accounting software, including QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Zoho, and Gusto. You can directly import checks from your accounting software and print them on demand on blank check stock.

        Check Printing and Check Mailing Service

        Just imagine if, with a click of a button, you could create print and mail your check, whether it is a single check or in batches. Writing those payroll checks, customer refunds, vendor checks, and tax payments would no longer cost your business a fortune and could be done instantly on demand.

        Our check printing and mailing platform lets you print checks and mail them the same business day or overnight delivery by USPS or FedEx for a $1.25 charge, including postage.

        Zil Money is simple and easy to use that helps accountants and bookkeepers manage accounts payable and accounts receivable efficiently on a single platform. Check writing becomes a fast and painless task for your finance team.

        All you would require is some blank check stock and a printer. No fancy ink or MICR printer is required. Our software lets you print secure checks on blank check stock or white paper. Worried if banks accept such checks? Put those thoughts aside, the Checks 21 act in the United States makes it perfectly convenient to print checks yourself from the office or home. You can deposit these checks like a regular check or remote deposit them by capturing the front and back of the check. Banks typically process such checks the next day using OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

        All-In-One Finance Platform for Small Medium Businesses

        In conclusion, Zil Money offers numerous benefits over Checks in the Mail and is an all-in-one platform to send and receive payments by printable checks, eChecks, ACH, Wire transfer, and RTP. Our platform lets you save time and money on manual check writing by offering a cloud-based check printing solution. It does not require downloads and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

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