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May 27, 2022 | Accounting

Accounting professionals are responsible for classifying, organizing, analyzing, and reporting on financial statements for tax and other purposes. The days of manual accounting are over, mainly owing to the magnitude and volume of data that companies have to record. Accountants need useful and reliable software to help ensure that they can keep track of the various financial transactions of a firm. Zil Money offers accountants just that. With Zil Money, accountants can easily keep track of transactions and pay and get paid through multiple means, including free ACH, direct deposits, wire transfers, check drafts, and virtual card payments.

Additionally, Zil Money offers check printing services through its subsidiary Online Check Writer and banking services through its subsidiary ZilBank. Zil Money helps you efficiently organize and complete vendor payments, payroll checks, rent, and taxes on time. Keep track of your inventory and manage your account smarter with Zil Money. Zil Money lets you send money from your credit card via paper check, ACH, or wire transfer to a third party. Zil Money acts as a payment switchboard, allowing you to send money in any convenient manner. You can set up recurring invoices, follow up on customer invoices, record all transactions, and manage accounts receivable.

Zil Money is designed such that it helps businesses remain efficient. Moreover, Zil Money’s subsidiary Online Check Writer lets businesses print custom checks, make free ACH payments, direct deposits, wire transfers, manage accounts receivable, API payments, check drafts, and manage accounts payable. Using Online Check Writer, businesses can send payments via means of paper checks or ACH payments to their customers. Online Check Writer also offers integration with third-party accounting software such as QuickBooks, Gusto, and Zoho, making it easy for accountants to import data to and from those applications and streamline their accounts payable and receivables management process.

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