What Are Some Alternatives to Ordering Checks from Your Bank

Jul 14, 2022 | Check Printing

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Though there is a decline in the usage of checks in the United States, it is still a preferred form of payment by businesses and the government- amounting to almost 60% of check payments. Checks enjoy popular usage to pay building contractors, bills, rent, tuition fees, and charitable donations. Paper checks are less likely to be used as a payment method for food (restaurants, bars, fast food, and coffee shops) and travel (gas stations, hotels, motels, and campsites). 

Perhaps you run a small business that handles many transactions in the form of checks. In the scenario where your checkbook runs out, you might want to consider other options than visiting a bank and shelling out $30 on average for a new checkbook.

Where to Order Personal Checks or Business Checks?

Many banks like JP Morgan Chase partner with external third-party sites to print checks on their behalf. Also, independent check printing companies like Harland Clarke provide checks for personal or business use. You can order Harland Clarke printed checks on Costco online store. However, before ordering checks, you need to ensure key details are printed and legible, including

Bank Routing Number

This nine-digit code identifies the financial institution from which the money is being withdrawn.

Account Number

The account number identifies the specific account the money is being withdrawn from.

Check Number 

A check number is a unique 3-4 digit number that helps to identify the check.

Personal Information

This is usually your address and company or business name for business checks; sometimes, you may include your phone number.

Bank contact info

This includes your bank’s address and phone number printed below your contact information.

Many third-party sites provide SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security checks which help prevent fraudulent checks from hitting your account. However, ordering checks from third-party sites can take up to 7-14 business days for standard delivery and can include shipping charges.

Online retailers like Vista Print, Checks Unlimited, and Costco provides expensive checks with an average starting price of $25 to $29 for a box of 100-150 checks. Besides the cost baseline, it’s also important to consider the delivery time while ordering checks online.

You can end up paying additional charges for late payments or missed payments due to running out of checks at a critical transaction period. So how can you avoid waiting for your checks? Zil Money has a solution to make check payments hassle-free.

      Print Your Checks from Any Printer at Office / Home Convenience

        Thanks to the Checks 21 Act in the United States, you can now print checks from your home or office convenience without paying a visit to the bank. All you need is a regular printer and some blank check stock. Printing checks single or bulk checks becomes possible with a single click with check writing software. You can print secure checks on blank check paper and deposit them in the bank or remotely deposit it using Mobile Check Deposit. Banks accept such checks, and it’s legal to print checks yourself.

        There are many advantages associated with printing your checks on demand, including cost and time. By switching to the Zil Money cloud-based check printing platform, you can significantly reduce the time and money spent on check printing and sending.  

        Our platform is trusted by more than 1M+ customers, including federal agencies, businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations, to make check-based payments online. Pay your rent, taxes, vendors, contractors, and bills by printable checks or digital eChecks instantly on demand.

        You can print checks from any bank in the United States, as our platform is integrated with more than 22000+ banks across U.S. and Canada. Print Bank of America Checks, Chase Bank checks and Wells Fargo checks hassle-free by signing up on our cloud platform. Moreover, you can print checks in multiple formats, including Check on Top, Check on Middle, Check on Bottom, Three per Page, and Wallet size checks on Zil Money.

        Choose from Multiple Check Design Templates

          You can personalize your personal or business checks with check design templates. Add your favorite Disney character or pet as your background image, add your business logo, or change font style using the check customization drag and drop design feature on Zil Money. Additional custom designer checks are available online at comparatively much higher rates.

          Overall, ordering checks from banks is the most expensive option, with each check costing 30 cents. While ordering checks online, you can get cheaper checks; however, it would take 7-14 days minimum for standard delivery. Switch to Zil Money for a better experience, and save time and money on your check printing and mailing.

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