QuickBooks is a popular accounting software that lets you use regular checks to pay for fixed assets, inventory and non-inventory parts, services, other charges, and any expenses you track. You can print checks individually or in bulk using QuickBooks software.  

However, since QuickBooks Desktop can only fill in the payment information, forms must include pre-printed account and check numbers. Plain paper or blank check paper won’t work. 

If you’re facing any problem printing checks on blank check paper, Zil Money provides a solution.  Keep reading to learn how to print checks from your QuickBooks account on blank check stock using any regular printer you already use, including inkjet and laser printers. 

Understanding the Parts of a Check

A check must contain the following information written on it:

  1. Bank Account: It is the account where the money is pulled from.
  2. Pay to the Order Of: Include the payee name like the vendor or supplier you make payment to.
  3. Check Number: The check number located in the upper and lower corner of the check is used for tracking.
  4. Bank Account and Routing Number: In the bottom left corner of your check is the 9-digit bank routing number and account number.
  5. The Date: It is the date of the transaction written on the dateline
  6. Amount: The amount to be written numerically and in words against the respected fields
  7. Memo Line: It is an optional field where you enter the reason for payment, for example, electricity.
  8. Your Information: In the upper left corner, you will find the name and address like your company logo and address.
  9. Signature: The check has a blank line for your signature in the bottom right corner.

      Types of QuickBooks Checks

        QuickBooks provides checks in 3 different formats for a variety of uses.

        Voucher Checks

        These are checks mainly used to handle vendor or employee checks, payroll checks and accounts payable checks. The term “voucher check” refers to a check that includes a notation of the invoices or items covered, either on the check’s face or on a separate stub. The first unit is sent to the vendor, while the other two are for recording purposes alongside invoices. This also helps to automate the process of tracking salary deductions and bills.

        Standard Checks

        Standard checks are regular checks. They are shorter than voucher checks but with the same width. Standard checks do not provide a paper trail, unlike voucher checks.

        Wallet checks

        Wallet checks are smaller in size and are a business or personal checks sized to fit in a standard-sized wallet to make payments on the go.

        Which Software Prints Checks for QuickBooks

        Zil Money check printing solution lets you print checks on blank check stock. The cloud-based platform is integrated with QuickBooks and lets you import or export your checks from any accounting software, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Zappier, Zoho, and Gusto. Print checks for all your bank accounts in one place. Zil Money connects with over 22000+ banks in the United States and Canada, and you can print checks from any bank, including Bank of America checks, Chase Checks, and Wells Fargo checks.

        You don’t need to stock forms for multiple bank accounts; you only need to purchase blank check forms readily available at your nearest office supply store or Amazon. Zil Money also auto-populates fields from saved account information on the cloud server to save time on writing checks for recurring payments.

        Mail your checks For Just $1.25

        It can cost you $7.50 on average to cut, print, and mail a check directly to your payee’s address. With Zil Money, you can mail your checks in a single click for $1.25, including postage. We print your check on high-quality blank check stock, place it in an envelope and stamp it. We then deliver it to USPS or FedEx for same-day or overnight delivery.

        Outsource your check printing and mailing on our all-in-one payments platform and save time and money you spend on payment tasks and tracking. We offer a digital checkbook register and auto reconciliation for multiple bank accounts on a single platform.

        We provide a free 15-day free trial period for new users; try our check printing platform to print checks from QuickBooks faster on blank check stock. Moreover, you can pay and get paid by printable checks, EChecks, ACH, and Wire transfer on our all-in-one payments platform. Streamline your accounts payable and receivable and scale your business with Zil Money cloud-based finance platform for small businesses.

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