Most users will wonder if printing or ordering is better; for instance, whether printing checks from Zil Money or ordering checks from Vistaprint checks, Chax Check, or any similar platform which is to preferred. It is preferable to print checks using Zil Money rather than ordering checks from Vistaprint. You can save time, money, and other resources by printing checks. Find out more by reading on.

Vista print or Zil Money

Small business owners can develop properly designed, modern custom marketing with VistaPrint, a Cimpress firm, which offers the range of goods required to appear and feel prepared, plugged in, and professional.

You can order customized checks or any bank checks using Vista print checks, but unfortunately, it will take some days. It will take a minimum of 5 Business days to come in. But why waste time waiting for your ordered checks? You can print your customized checks or any bank checks with Zil Money without wasting any time using any regular printer.

Benefits of printing checks on Blank Stock Paper


Once the MICR is encoded, the details will be completely printed on your check, which might create countless opportunities for thieves to exploit. If someone with bad intentions gets hold of your checks, they can easily generate self-serving payments, so you need to lock your pre-printed checks in a more secure place safely.

Printing on blank stock will not carry the same dangers, so you can store it in an accessible location without worrying.

Save Money and Time

Save money by printing checks on blank stock paper, saving your precious time. Ordering pre-printed checks will cost you more than blank checks. So stop ordering and start printing checks instantly. Depending on how specific your data is, pre-printed stock can cost between $50 and $80 for 250 checks. Typically, you can print 1,000 checks for the same sum of money.

Waste of Checks

If any mistakes are seen in a pre-printed check, then all the pre-printed checks will be wasted, for safety reasons, every check should be shredded, and you will have to order again for your checks. All that money, paper, and time are completely wasted. So, if any mistakes are found in printed checks, you will only need to destroy that particular check, make the necessary changes, and print them instantly without wasting time and money.

Do we need Magnetic toner if we print checks?

The Federal Reserve and the Accredited Standards Committee claim that magnetic toner is still legally necessary for printing checks. However, given the advancements in digital check-scanning technology over the past few years, this restriction has come under intense scrutiny. More people are using online banking, and we can now deposit checks from our phones by taking a picture of them.

It raises a very good point regarding the necessity of paying extra for magnetic toner. We can’t urge you to stop buying magnetic toner because the federal law is still in effect, but it may be necessary for the future.

Heads up Tip while printing checks on blank stock paper

There may be a faint square on some blank stock where a MICR special character is always anticipated. A MICR Gauge is not necessary, thanks to this specific feature.

Printing or ordering checks which are better, the answer depends to each individual. But somehow printing checks have more advantages when compared to ordering pre-printed checks. Zil Money allows to print high quality checks on blank stock paper which is more efficient than ordering checks from Vistaprint checks, Chax Check or other such platform.

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