Pay with checks online is a convenient option for using any printer at home or work. Instead of waiting for pre-printed checks to be delivered, checks can be easily printed at home using blank stock papers. These blank stock papers can be purchased from an office supply store or online platforms like Amazon. The cost of a blank stock paper is significantly lower than that of a pre-printed check, resulting in an 80% cost saving. 

Cost Savings and Customization

Zil Money allows users to print checks on blank stock paper, saving money over pre-printed checks. This fast and cost-effective method can cut check printing costs by 80%. To personalize checks, the platform enables a lot of customization. An intuitive drag-and-drop tool lets users add logos and font style, making check design more flexible and personalized. This tool simplifies check creation and lets users customize checks to match their brand or preferences.

Fraud Prevention and Authentication

Security is a top priority with Zil Money. The platform employs advanced technology to protect and authenticate checks. Encrypted check data, secure storage, and user authentication ensure the safety of financial activities. The platform’s check verification technologies help businesses detect and prevent fraudulent or altered checks. 

Check Mailing Services

Zil Money not only facilitates online check printing but also offers convenient check mailing services. Customize checks with company logos and unique fonts, and let the platform handle the mailing process. Checks are sent via USPS and FedEx for a minimal fee of $1.25 each, ensuring safe and timely delivery to their destination. 

The progress in online check printing has resulted in numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, improved customization options, and better fraud prevention measures. The convenience of printing checks at home, easy integration with financial tools, and the option for secure mailing services contribute to the overall ease of this contemporary method for issuing checks. With ongoing technological advancements, the popularity of online check printing is expected to grow, providing users with a dependable and efficient substitute for conventional methods.

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