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Jul 19, 2022 | Accounting

With the introduction of new technological advances, many things have changed. One of these changes is how people do everyday tasks such as paying bills and sending money. It’s no secret that paper checkbooks are becoming a thing of the past. If you’re still using a paper checkbook to manage your finances, it’s time to switch to a digital solution. Now with the help of cloud-based platforms like Zil Money, businesses write, create and print checks using a printer and white paper.

Definition of Check

A check is a document that tells a bank to give money to the person who has the check. They also have a record of what happened, which can be useful for both parties involved in the transaction.

      What Is a Checkbook?

        A checkbook is composed of multiple checks in a small book containing preprinted paper instruments used to pay for items and services. Account holders can use the checks in a bill of exchange as a method of payment, which is why they are called bills of exchange. The checks are generally printed with the account holder’s name, address, and other identifying information before being sent out.  

        Customers can print checks online using their printer. Print checks with the payee’s name and other information in blank stock paper or white paper to make payments fast. The cloud-based check register gives users a record of all their check transactions. This way, they can keep track of everything easily.

        Customers can get a checkbook by ordering through their bank or online. At the same time, they can also get an electronic one at Zil Money. It provides one of the best checkbook software.

        Checkbook and Passbook:

          All current and savings account holders are entitled to checkbooks. A passbook is a bank document given to all bank account users by the bank that lists all transactions made into (credited) and out of (debited) the account.

          Checkbook and Check Print Register:

          For all current and savings accounts, the bank gives holders checkbooks. A check pint register is a document that lists all the transactions made into the account. It is also called a passbook.

          In addition, pay and receive ACH and Wire transfers. And send checks by mail with our $1.25 check mailing service through USPS.

            Print Checkbook Using Zil Money

            Zil Money is a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for users to write checks. Users don’t need to learn problematic steps or follow complex formatting requirements. Users can start writing checks quickly. The software offers different checks and options so that users can customize their checks according to their needs. The online platform is integrated with 22000+ banks and financial institutions, enabling users to connect with multiple bank accounts and check formats on their platform.

            Users can print checks using any printer by logging into Zil Money. The company provides a platform to create checks with business logos and other details using the drag-and-drop design tool and print them instantly. Customize, and send checks to the payee digitally as printable checks, eChecks, or checks via email or SMS. No more running out of checks, and enjoy safe and secure check transactions.

              Can You Use a Printed Check in a Bank?

              Yes, the check you printed will be valid throughout the USA. US banks accept checks printed from check software. The Check 21 Act allows the use of printed checks.

                Online Checkbook Balancer

                Customers can balance their checkbooks by using Zil Money. This will help them combine all of their bank accounts onto one platform, which will help keep track of your banking transactions. Additionally, the software is integrated with over 22000 banks, which will help reconcile accounts and prevent fraud.

                Cross-platform support allows using it on a desktop or a smartphone; customers can use both platforms in a user-friendly way. Customers can use their mobile app to do the same things they do on the web; this way, they can still run their business while they are on the go.

                  Benefits of Integrating with Zil Money:

                  • Print any checks with ease.
                  • Print on blank check stock.
                  • Customize check with desired designs and logos.
                  • Electronic check facility.
                  • Transfer checks to the payee via mail for $1.25.
                  • Make secure Direct Deposit through ACH.
                  • Multiple company management.
                  • Multiple bank account management.
                  • Bill payment and invoice management.
                  • Pay and get paid by forms or email instantly.
                  • And much more!

                    Other Benefits of Using Zil Money:

                    Customers can pay and receive by checks, eChecks, ACH, and wires. Users can also send checks by mail for a small fee.

                    Overall, whether you order a physical checkbook or use the digital checkbook in Zil Money, you must have some way of tracking your checking account transactions. Use Zil Money to print checks and checkbooks and get all the other benefits in Zil Money. You can print checks quickly and easily, and the fear of running out of checks is no more. The cost of Checkbooks at Walmart, Costco, and Amazon are different, starting at $7.99. Zil Money helps to manage expenses efficiently.

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