Checks Can Be Printed On-Demand Anywhere, Anytime Using Zil Money

Jul 13, 2022 | Check Printing

Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Many organizations and companies have outsourced check printing and mailing to Zil Money’s cloud-based check printing platform. Businesses like the beverage company Coca-Cola, and restaurant chain Subway, rely on our check printing facility to print and mail checks to vendors and suppliers using any regular printer they already use. This saves them a visit to the bank, and finance teams spend less time on accounts payable. 

Why Outsourcing Checks on Zil Money Can Be an Advantage

Have you ever struggled to make vendor supplier payments on time because of running out of checks at the last minute or your checks taking more than a week to reach the payee address? Zil Money provides a solution to streamline accounts payable on its cloud-based check printing platform. You can create, print, and send checks one-time or schedule recurring ach to pay vendor supplier payments, bills, and taxes. Print your checks on high-quality blank paper and send them as printable checks or eCheck.

Checks 21 act in the United States lets users print their checks from the office or home; it is legal, and banks accept such checks. No more ordering checks online only to wait 7-15 days for them to get delivered, no more stockpiling pre-printed checks on your desk; with Zil Money, you can print checks on demand whenever you want, wherever you want.

      Pay Vendors by Credit; We Send Them a Check

        Zil Money is an accountant-friendly platform that lets your finance team manage accounts payable and receivable hassle-free on one platform from mobile or desktop. We offer various payment options, including ACH, wire transfer, printing checks, emailing an eCheck, paying by virtual card instantly, gift cards, and payroll cards. Plus, our platform offers real-time payments.

        Pay your vendors, taxes, and rent by credit card balance; we send them a paper check. You don’t need cash to pay your vendors. Use your credit card balance; Zil Money will send them a paper check, ACH, or Wire.

        Same-Day or Overnight Check Mailing Facility

          You can create your check on our platform with many customization features. If you own a business, it is crucial to have a professionally enhanced business check with a logo that will act as your business face. Zil Money lets you create checks with premium check templates, add your company logo, and change the font style. You can also physically mail your checks to the payee’s address. Create your check on our platform, and our lightning-fast team prints it on high-quality blank check paper in under one hour and hands it over to USPS/FedEx for same-day or overnight delivery. The service is available at just $1.25, including postage and paper charges.

          Generally, it costs a business up to $7.78 to send a check in the mail, including the cost of printing, packing, and tracking each check. Hence our check printing platform offers you long-term benefits for your check-based printing and mailing.

          Still not convinced? Sign up on to enjoy a 15-day free trial and print your checks instantly on-demand on our cloud-based platform.

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