Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil Money offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.






This UDAAP Policies & Procedures Manual (referred to as the “UDAAP Manual” or “Manual”) signifies Zil Money Corporation’s dedication to adhering to Unfair, Deceptive, Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP) regulations. As a financial services platform, Zil Money Corporation (referred to as the “Company” or “Zil Money”) understands the significance of implementing comprehensive policies and procedures to effectively manage UDAAP risk. This manual incorporates industry-standard best practices, outlining prohibited practices and establishing monitoring mechanisms to ensure the ethical and accountable provision of financial services. By adopting this manual, Zil Money demonstrates its unwavering commitment to safeguarding customers and upholding the highest standards of integrity throughout its operations.



To ensure comprehensive compliance with UDAAP regulations, Zil Money Corporation has established a robust governance and oversight framework. This section outlines the roles and responsibilities of key personnel, the presence of a UDAAP Compliance Committee or designated individual, and the reporting structure with clear escalation procedures. By implementing these measures, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to upholding UDAAP standards and promoting the fair and responsible provision of financial services.


  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Key Personnel:

(a) The Board of Directors:

(i) The Board of Directors assumes overall responsibility for UDAAP compliance, ensuring its integration into the company’s corporate governance framework.

(ii) The Board oversees the establishment and implementation of UDAAP policies, procedures, and controls.


(b) Senior Management:

(i) Senior management, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other relevant executives, is responsible for implementing UDAAP policies and procedures throughout the organization.

(ii) They ensure that appropriate resources and support are provided to maintain effective UDAAP compliance.


(c) UDAAP Compliance Officer:

 (i) A designated UDAAP Compliance Officer oversees the development, implementation, and monitoring of UDAAP-related policies, procedures, and controls.

(ii) The Compliance Officer stays abreast of UDAAP regulations, assesses the impact on the company’s operations, and advises senior management on necessary actions.


2. UDAAP Compliance Committee or Designated Individual:

(a) A UDAAP Compliance Committee or a designated individual is responsible for providing guidance, oversight, and coordination of UDAAP-related matters.

(b) The committee or individual ensures the timely review and assessment of UDAAP risks and the effectiveness of implemented controls.

(c) They facilitate communication and collaboration across relevant departments to address UDAAP issues promptly.


3. Reporting Structure and Escalation Procedures:

(a) A clear reporting structure and escalation procedures are established to ensure effective communication of UDAAP concerns and issues.

(b) Employees are encouraged to report potential UDAAP violations or questionable practices through designated channels.

(c) Escalation procedures outline the steps to be taken when UDAAP concerns are raised, including the appropriate channels for reporting, investigation, resolution, and necessary actions.


By incorporating these UDAAP governance and oversight measures, Zil Money Corporation underscores its commitment to UDAAP compliance and its dedication to providing financial services with the utmost integrity and transparency.



To proactively identify and mitigate UDAAP risks, Zil Money Corporation has implemented a robust UDAAP Risk Assessment framework. This section outlines the methodology for identifying UDAAP risks, the criteria and scoring methodology used for risk assessment, and the periodic review and update process.


  1. Methodology for Identifying UDAAP Risks:

(a) Zil Money employs a systematic approach to identify potential UDAAP risks across its products, services, and operations.

(b) The methodology includes conducting comprehensive reviews of processes, procedures, and customer interactions to identify areas where UDAAP risks may arise.

(c) It considers applicable laws, regulations, industry guidelines, customer feedback, and market trends as inputs to identify potential UDAAP risks.


2. Risk Assessment Criteria and Scoring Methodology:

(a) Zil Money utilizes established risk assessment criteria and scoring methodology to evaluate the severity and likelihood of UDAAP risks.

(b) The criteria may include factors such as the impact on customers, the frequency of occurrence, regulatory scrutiny, and potential reputational harm.

(c) A scoring system helps prioritize identified risks based on their significance, allowing for focused mitigation efforts.


3. Periodic Review and Updates:

(a) Zil Money conducts periodic reviews of its UDAAP Risk Assessment framework to ensure its effectiveness and relevance in identifying emerging risks.

(b) The reviews consider changes in laws, regulations, industry standards, customer needs, and market dynamics.

(c) Updates to the UDAAP Risk Assessment framework are made as necessary to address newly identified risks and adapt to evolving UDAAP regulations.


By implementing this UDAAP Risk Assessment framework, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to proactive risk management and the prevention of UDAAP-related issues. This approach enables the identification of potential risks, the prioritization of mitigation efforts, and the continuous improvement of UDAAP compliance practices. Zil Money’s periodic reviews and updates ensure that the UDAAP Risk Assessment remains effective and aligned with the evolving regulatory landscape and customer expectations.




Zil Money is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in its operations. This section outlines the prohibited practices in accordance with Unfair, Deceptive, Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP) regulations. It provides a clear definition and examples of unfair, deceptive, and abusive practices, establishes guidelines on prohibited conduct, and emphasizes the importance of effective communication to avoid misleading or confusing statements.


  1. Definition and Examples of Unfair, Deceptive, and Abusive Practices:

(a) Zil Money adopts the definitions of unfair, deceptive, and abusive practices as outlined in applicable UDAAP regulations.

(b) Unfair practices involve actions that cause or are likely to cause substantial harm to consumers that are not outweighed by countervailing benefits.

(c) Deceptive practices include misleading or false representations, omissions, or practices that may mislead or confuse consumers.

(d) Abusive practices encompass actions that take unreasonable advantage of a consumer’s lack of understanding or inability to protect their interests.


2. Guidelines on Prohibited Conduct:

(a) Zil Money strictly prohibits any conduct that falls within the scope of unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices.

(b) Employees are expected to adhere to ethical standards and comply with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

(c) Prohibited conduct includes but is not limited to:

(i) Misrepresenting fees, terms, or conditions of services

(ii) Engaging in coercive, intimidating, or harassing behavior towards customers

(iii) Failing to disclose important information that may impact a customer’s decision-making

(iv) Engaging in discriminatory practices based on protected characteristics

(v) Using deceptive marketing techniques or false advertising


  1. Communication Standards to Avoid Misleading or Confusing Statements:

(a) Zil Money emphasizes the importance of clear and transparent communication with customers.

(b) Employees are required to provide accurate and truthful information about products, services, and associated costs.

(c) Marketing materials, disclosures, and customer communications should be clear, concise, and free from misleading or confusing statements.

(d) Regular training and communication programs are implemented to ensure employees understand the communication standards and their role in avoiding prohibited practices.


By establishing clear guidelines on prohibited practices, Zil Money aims to prevent unfair treatment of customers and maintain their trust and confidence. Adhering to these standards ensures that customers receive fair and transparent financial services while upholding the principles of UDAAP regulations. Zil Money’s commitment to effective communication further supports the avoidance of misleading or confusing statements, fostering a culture of trust and integrity in all interactions with customers.



Zil Money recognizes the critical role of training and awareness in maintaining a culture of compliance with UDAAP regulations. This section outlines the comprehensive training programs and awareness initiatives implemented by the company to ensure employees are knowledgeable about UDAAP compliance. It covers various aspects, including training programs, ongoing awareness campaigns, and the documentation of training sessions and participant records.


  1. Training Programs for Employees on UDAAP Compliance:

(a) Zil Money provides mandatory UDAAP compliance training to all employees, including executives, managers, and frontline staff.

(b) The training programs cover the key provisions of UDAAP regulations, prohibited practices, and the importance of fair and transparent customer interactions.

(c) Employees are educated on their roles and responsibilities in identifying and mitigating UDAAP risks.

(d) Training sessions are designed to be interactive, incorporating real-life scenarios and case studies to enhance understanding and practical application of UDAAP principles.


2. Ongoing Awareness Campaigns and Updates:

(a) Zil Money maintains an ongoing awareness campaign to reinforce UDAAP compliance throughout the organization.

(b) Regular communications, such as newsletters, emails, and intranet postings, are utilized to provide updates on UDAAP regulations, industry trends, and best practices.

(c) Employees are encouraged to ask questions, seek clarification, and report any potential UDAAP concerns through established channels.


3. Documentation of Training Sessions and Participant Records:


  • Zil Money maintains comprehensive documentation of UDAAP training sessions, including session dates, topics covered, and attendance records.


  • Participant records are maintained to ensure that all employees receive the necessary UDAAP training.


  • Documentation also includes materials used during training sessions, such as presentations, handouts, and reference materials.


By implementing robust UDAAP training and awareness programs, Zil Money aims to foster a strong culture of compliance and ensure that all employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and address UDAAP risks. Ongoing awareness campaigns and updates serve to keep employees informed about the evolving regulatory landscape and industry best practices. The documentation of training sessions and participant records demonstrates Zil Money’s commitment to maintaining a record of UDAAP training activities, further supporting its compliance efforts.




Zil Money is committed to promptly and effectively addressing customer complaints and disputes related to Unfair, Deceptive, Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP). This section outlines the company’s procedures for receiving, documenting, and investigating UDAAP-related complaints, ensuring timely resolution, and fostering open communication with affected parties. It encompasses various aspects, including complaint handling procedures, dispute resolution mechanisms, and feedback loops for continuous improvement.


  1. Procedures for Receiving, Documenting, and Investigating UDAAP-Related Complaints:


  • Zil Money has established a dedicated process to receive, document, and investigate UDAAP-related complaints.


  • Customers can submit their complaints through various channels, including a designated email address, customer service hotline, or an online complaint submission form.


  • All complaints are logged and assigned a unique identifier for tracking purposes.


  • Trained personnel are responsible for investigating complaints in a fair, unbiased, and timely manner.


  1. Timely Resolution and Communication with Affected Parties:


  • Zil Money is committed to resolving UDAAP-related complaints promptly and to the satisfaction of affected parties.


  • The company strives to acknowledge receipt of complaints within a defined timeframe, typically within 3 business days.


  • A thorough investigation is conducted to gather all necessary information and evidence.


  • Regular updates are provided to affected parties, keeping them informed about the progress of the investigation and expected resolution timelines.


  1. Remediation Measures and Feedback Loops:


  • If a UDAAP violation is identified, Zil Money takes appropriate remediation measures to rectify the situation and prevent similar issues from recurring.


  • Remediation may include compensating affected customers, revising internal processes, or enhancing employee training programs.


  • Feedback loops are established to capture lessons learned from complaint handling and dispute resolution processes.


  • Customer feedback is actively solicited to identify areas for improvement and to enhance the overall customer experience.


By implementing the complaint handling and dispute resolution procedures, Zil Money aims to ensure that UDAAP-related concerns are addressed promptly and fairly. The company is committed to open communication with affected parties throughout the resolution process, providing updates and seeking feedback to continuously improve its practices. Remediation measures are taken when necessary to rectify any identified UDAAP violations and prevent their recurrence. Zil Money’s dedication to effective complaint handling and dispute resolution further underscores its commitment to maintaining fair and transparent business practices in line with UDAAP regulations.




Zil Money maintains proper monitoring and control mechanisms to detect and prevent potential UDAAP violations. This section outlines the company’s internal monitoring procedures, regular audits, compliance testing, and independent assessments to ensure adherence to relevant laws, rules, and regulations.


  1. Internal Monitoring Mechanisms to Detect Potential UDAAP Violations:


  • Zil Money has implemented proactive monitoring systems to identify any signs of UDAAP violations or suspicious activities.


  • Automated tools and algorithms are employed to analyze customer interactions, transactions, and system logs for potential red flags.


  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks are established to track and measure compliance with UDAAP regulations.


  • Regular reviews are conducted to assess the effectiveness of existing controls and identify areas for improvement.


  1. Regular Audits and Reviews of Policies and Procedures:


  • Zil Money conducts periodic audits to evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of its UDAAP policies and procedures.


  • Audits are performed by internal or external audit teams, ensuring independence and impartiality.


  • The audits encompass a comprehensive review of the UDAAP Manual, policies, and operational practices.


  • Findings from audits are documented, and corrective actions are promptly implemented to address identified deficiencies.


  1. Compliance Testing and Independent Assessments:


  • Zil Money conducts regular compliance testing to evaluate the effectiveness of controls in place and identify any gaps or weaknesses.


  • Compliance testing includes scenario-based assessments, sample reviews, and adherence to predefined UDAAP criteria.


  • Independent assessments are performed by third-party experts to validate the effectiveness and adequacy of the company’s UDAAP controls.


  • Results of compliance testing and independent assessments are used to enhance controls, policies, and procedures.


By implementing robust monitoring and control mechanisms, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to proactive compliance with UDAAP regulations. The company employs advanced technology and analytics to detect potential UDAAP violations and promptly address any concerns. Regular audits and reviews ensure the ongoing effectiveness of policies and procedures, while compliance testing and independent assessments provide additional assurance of adherence to regulatory requirements. Zil Money continuously strives to enhance its monitoring and control systems to mitigate UDAAP risks and maintain the highest standards of integrity in its financial services operations.




Zil Money is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of compliance with UDAAP regulations. This section outlines the company’s approach to enforcement and corrective actions when UDAAP policy violations are identified. It encompasses disciplinary measures, corrective actions, and documentation of enforcement actions and outcomes.


  1. Disciplinary Measures for UDAAP Policy Violations:


  • Zil Money maintains a clear and comprehensive framework for addressing UDAAP policy violations.


  • Disciplinary measures are applied consistently and proportionately, taking into account the severity and nature of the violation.


  • Violations may result in disciplinary actions, such as verbal or written warnings, suspension, or termination, depending on the circumstances and the individual’s level of responsibility.


  • The company ensures that employees are aware of the consequences of UDAAP violations through training programs and regular communication.


  1. Corrective Actions to Address Identified Risks and Shortcomings:


  • Zil Money is committed to promptly addressing any identified UDAAP risks or shortcomings in its policies, procedures, or operations.


  • Corrective actions are designed to mitigate risks and prevent the recurrence of UDAAP violations.


  • Upon identifying a risk or shortcoming, the company initiates an investigation to determine the root cause and implements appropriate remedial measures.


  • Corrective actions may include revising policies and procedures, enhancing employee training programs, or strengthening monitoring and control mechanisms.


  1. Documentation of Enforcement Actions and Outcomes:


  • Zil Money maintains accurate and comprehensive records of all enforcement actions taken in response to UDAAP violations.


  • Documentation includes details of the violation, the disciplinary measures imposed, and any corrective actions implemented.


  • The company ensures that documentation is securely stored and easily accessible for internal reviews, audits, or regulatory inquiries.


  • Lessons learned from enforcement actions are used to enhance UDAAP policies, procedures, and training programs.


Through its enforcement and corrective actions framework, Zil Money emphasizes the importance of UDAAP compliance and fosters a culture of accountability. Disciplinary measures serve as a deterrent, while corrective actions are taken to address identified risks and shortcomings. The company maintains thorough documentation of enforcement actions and outcomes to support transparency and accountability. Zil Money’s commitment to enforcement and corrective actions demonstrates its dedication to maintaining a fair and responsible financial services platform while safeguarding the interests of its customers.




Zil Money recognizes the dynamic nature of UDAAP regulations and the importance of staying up to date with regulatory changes. This section outlines the company’s procedures for monitoring and implementing regulatory updates to ensure ongoing compliance. It encompasses procedures for staying informed, updating policies and procedures, and fulfilling regulatory reporting obligations, as applicable.


  1. Procedures for Staying Informed about UDAAP Regulatory Changes:


  • Zil Money has established processes to monitor and track UDAAP-related regulatory developments at the federal, state, and local levels.


  • The company identifies and evaluates the impact of regulatory changes on its operations, policies, and procedures.


  • Regular communication channels, such as subscriptions to regulatory updates, industry publications, and participation in industry associations, are utilized to stay informed about UDAAP regulatory changes.


  • Designated individuals or teams within the organization are responsible for monitoring and disseminating relevant information to ensure timely awareness.


  1. Updating Policies and Procedures in Response to New Requirements:


  • Zil Money maintains a systematic approach to reviewing and updating its policies and procedures in response to new UDAAP requirements.


  • Regulatory updates are assessed for their applicability to the company’s operations, and any necessary revisions are identified.


  • The designated individuals or teams responsible for policy and procedure management oversee the timely implementation of updates.


  • Changes are communicated to relevant stakeholders within the organization to ensure consistent understanding and adherence to the updated policies and procedures.


  1. Regulatory Reporting and Filings, as Applicable:


  • Zil Money understands the importance of fulfilling regulatory reporting and filing obligations to demonstrate compliance with UDAAP regulations.


  • The company identifies the specific reporting and filing requirements applicable to its business activities and ensures timely submission of the necessary documentation.


  • Compliance teams within the organization are responsible for compiling accurate and complete information for regulatory reporting purposes.


  • Compliance with reporting obligations is regularly monitored, and any identified issues or discrepancies are promptly addressed and rectified.


By maintaining robust procedures for staying informed about UDAAP regulatory changes, updating policies and procedures, and fulfilling regulatory reporting obligations, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to continuous compliance. The company remains vigilant in monitoring the evolving regulatory landscape to promptly identify and address any impacts on its operations. These efforts ensure that Zil Money adheres to the latest UDAAP requirements and provides its customers with fair and responsible financial services in accordance with applicable regulations.




Zil Money recognizes the importance of proper document management and retention practices in ensuring compliance with UDAAP regulations. This section outlines the company’s procedures for managing UDAAP-related documentation, with a focus on recordkeeping requirements, data privacy and security considerations, and document retention and archiving procedures.


  1. Recordkeeping Requirements for UDAAP-Related Documentation:


  • Zil Money maintains a comprehensive recordkeeping system to capture and retain UDAAP-related documentation in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


  • The company identifies the specific types of documents that are subject to recordkeeping requirements, including customer complaints, investigation reports, training records, and other relevant UDAAP-related materials.


  • Designated individuals or teams within the organization are responsible for ensuring that UDAAP-related documentation is consistently collected, organized, and stored in a secure and accessible manner.


  1. Data Privacy and Security Considerations:


  • Zil Money recognizes the sensitivity and confidentiality of UDAAP-related documentation and adheres to stringent data privacy and security measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of such information.


  • The company maintains appropriate controls to safeguard UDAAP-related documentation against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.


  • Access to UDAAP-related documentation is granted only to authorized personnel who have a legitimate business need to access and use such information.


  1. Document Retention and Archiving Procedures:


  • Zil Money follows documented procedures for the retention and archiving of UDAAP-related documentation, taking into account the relevant legal, regulatory, and business requirements.


  • The company defines specific retention periods for different categories of UDAAP-related documents, considering factors such as regulatory requirements, business needs, and potential legal obligations.


  • UDAAP-related documentation is securely stored in a manner that ensures its integrity, authenticity, and accessibility throughout the required retention period.


  • At the end of the designated retention period, the company follows proper procedures for the disposal or destruction of UDAAP-related documentation, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


By adhering to robust document management and retention practices, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to maintaining accurate and complete UDAAP-related documentation while protecting the privacy and security of sensitive information. These procedures enable the company to effectively respond to regulatory inquiries, audits, and investigations and ensure compliance with UDAAP requirements. Furthermore, Zil Money’s commitment to data privacy and security safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of UDAAP-related documentation, fostering trust and confidence among its customers and stakeholders.




Zil Money recognizes the importance of conducting marketing and advertising activities in a truthful, clear, and non-deceptive manner in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. This section outlines the company’s guidelines and review processes to ensure that all marketing materials, advertisements, promotions, and customer communications adhere to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.


  1. Guidelines for Truthful, Clear, and Non-Deceptive Marketing Materials:


  • Zil Money is committed to providing accurate and reliable information to its customers and stakeholders. All marketing materials, including website content, brochures, social media posts, and other promotional materials, must be truthful, clear, and free from deceptive practices.


  • The company establishes guidelines for the creation and dissemination of marketing materials, emphasizing the importance of accurate product and service descriptions, pricing information, terms and conditions, and any other relevant details.


  • Marketing materials should not contain false or misleading statements, exaggerations, or omissions that could deceive or confuse customers. Claims made in marketing materials should be substantiated by objective evidence.


  1. Review Processes for Advertisements, Promotions, and Customer Communications:


  • Zil Money implements a systematic review process for all advertisements, promotions, and customer communications to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • A designated team or individual within the organization is responsible for reviewing and approving marketing materials before their release to the public.


  • The review process includes a comprehensive assessment of the content, claims, visual representations, and overall messaging to verify compliance with UDAAP regulations and other relevant laws and guidelines.


  • All customer communications, including emails, newsletters, and other direct communications, are subject to review to ensure that they provide accurate and non-misleading information to customers.


By adhering to these guidelines and implementing robust review processes, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to conducting marketing and advertising practices that are truthful, clear, and non-deceptive. These measures not only ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations but also foster trust and confidence among customers and stakeholders. By providing accurate and transparent information, Zil Money aims to empower customers to make informed decisions and build long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.




Zil Money recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding customer data and maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security. This section outlines the company’s policies, procedures, and controls to ensure the protection of customer data against unauthorized access, breaches, or misuse, in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


  1. Policies and Procedures to Safeguard Customer Data:


  • Zil Money has implemented comprehensive policies and procedures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data throughout its lifecycle.


  • These policies outline the responsibilities of employees and contractors in handling customer data and provide clear guidelines on data protection, access controls, and data classification.


  • The company maintains a secure environment for data storage, transmission, and processing, utilizing industry-standard encryption techniques, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems.


  • Data retention and disposal policies are established to ensure that customer data is retained only for necessary periods and securely disposed of when no longer needed.


  1. Controls to Protect Against Unauthorized Access or Data Breaches:


  • Zil Money implements robust access controls to prevent unauthorized access to customer data. This includes user authentication mechanisms, role-based access controls, and regular review of access privileges.


  • The company conducts periodic risk assessments and vulnerability scans to identify and address any potential security weaknesses or vulnerabilities in its systems and infrastructure.


  • Incident response plans are in place to effectively respond to and mitigate the impact of any data breaches or security incidents that may occur.


  • Zil Money also maintains backup and disaster recovery procedures to ensure the availability and integrity of customer data in the event of unforeseen incidents.


By adhering to these policies, procedures, and controls, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to protecting customer data and maintaining the highest levels of data privacy and security. These measures not only comply with applicable laws and regulations but also instill confidence in customers, assuring them that their data is handled with utmost care and confidentiality. Zil Money continually reviews and updates its data privacy and security practices to adapt to evolving threats and emerging best practices, ensuring that customer data remains safe and secure throughout their engagement with the company.




Zil Money places a strong emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance and testing to ensure the effectiveness and compliance of its systems, processes, and controls. This section outlines the company’s procedures for ongoing monitoring, testing, and review of UDAAP-related areas to proactively identify and address any potential risks or non-compliance issues, in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


  1. Ongoing Monitoring and Testing of Systems, Processes, and Controls:


  • Zil Money implements proper monitoring mechanisms to continuously assess the performance and functionality of its systems, processes, and controls related to UDAAP compliance.


  • Regular internal reviews and assessments are conducted to identify potential gaps, vulnerabilities, or areas of improvement in the company’s operations.


  • Compliance testing procedures are established to validate the adherence to UDAAP policies and procedures and assess the effectiveness of implemented controls.


  • These testing activities cover a wide range of areas, including but not limited to customer interactions, marketing materials, complaint handling, and internal processes.


  1. Regular Reviews of UDAAP-Related Areas for Compliance and Effectiveness:


  • Zil Money conducts periodic reviews and audits to evaluate the compliance of UDAAP-related areas with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies.


  • These reviews assess the effectiveness of implemented controls and procedures in mitigating UDAAP risks and ensuring the fair and responsible delivery of financial services.


  • Findings from these reviews are documented and shared with relevant stakeholders, enabling the company to identify areas for improvement and take corrective actions as necessary.


  • The company maintains a culture of continuous improvement, actively seeking feedback and input from employees and customers to enhance its UDAAP-related practices.


By implementing rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures, Zil Money demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a robust and compliant framework for UDAAP risk management. These activities not only help identify and address potential issues but also drive continuous enhancement of processes and controls to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Zil Money remains vigilant in monitoring and testing its systems and processes, staying proactive in its approach to mitigate risks and enhance UDAAP compliance across the organization.




In conclusion, Zil Money has developed this comprehensive UDAAP Policies & Procedures Manual to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to compliance with the relevant laws, rules, and regulations governing Unfair, Deceptive, Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP). By integrating industry-standard best practices and addressing the various aspects of UDAAP risk, this manual establishes a strong foundation for the fair and responsible delivery of financial services. Through clear guidelines, robust governance, ongoing training, effective complaint handling, diligent monitoring, and a focus on data privacy and security, Zil Money strives to provide its customers with the highest level of protection and transparency. This manual serves as a framework for continuous improvement, enabling the company to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and deliver exceptional experiences to its customers while upholding the principles of integrity and compliance. Zil Money is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and maintaining the trust of its customers and stakeholders.



Effective as of July 20, 2023.