Wohid Islam

Corporate Counsel

Harvard Law School.
Wohid Islam

Muhammad Wohidul Islam is a seasoned lawyer with more than two decades of global experience in international banking, investment, asset management, and corporate law experience. Wohid has a law degree from Harvard Law School and has abundant international experience from globally reputed institutions that include a large sovereign wealth fund cum institutional investor, a multilateral development financing institution, an investment bank, and a financial advisory company. Wohid worked for more than a decade in Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) as a corporate Legal Counsel. He works as a Senior Corporate Counsel for Zil Money leading and managing the in-house legal department.

Wohid is a seasoned attorney and is an expert in reviewing documents to resolve their specific legalities and meanings. He is proficient in communication with multiple stakeholders; seeking to leverage proven corporate governance, HR management & personnel development, contract negotiation, investment engineering, and regulatory compliance experience.

He possesses the capability to assess options practically in a fair manner and with absolute integrity. His spontaneous thinking ability has been an added asset he gained out of his global experience. Matchless legal subject expertise has provided him immense confidence in strategic legal analysis and beneficial policy developments for the firm.