Time needed: 1 minute.

This is the steps to make a check.

  1. Sign up and login to Zil Money.com

    Zil Money provides you user-friendly platform to create checks instantly.Login to Zil Money

  2. Click on New from the Check List or New Check from the Create menu in the header.

    Once you login to the application successfully, find the New button in the Check List or New Check button in the Create menu in the header of application.Check List

  3. Provide necessary details for the check and click on save or print to process it.

    The new button will take you to the check creating page where the details regarding the checks are asked. Provide necessary informations like Payee, Bank Account, Amount etc. and click on save to save the check to the check list and click on print to print the checks instantly.New Check Page

How to make a check online?

You can create a check online using Zil Money. ZIl Money provides a use-friendly platform to create and print checks instantly. You can also send the check to your payee as an email or physical mail. There are also several tools which helps your accounting and make your business run smoothly.